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Cool partner micro scene: let your ads dance
Now, the mobile Internet has gradually integrated into people's life, but also changed the way people live. "Semi reality" has become a way of life: the first thing to wake up is to open cell phone, brush your friends circle and brush micro-blog. People on the subway, bus and dining table are immersed in the Internet all the time.
At this time, you have to pay attention to the promotion of information. The usual monotonous advertising push has been unable to attract the attention of the audience, and even create a conflict of mind. It is becoming more and more difficult to deliver products to the audience easily.
If there's such a picture, when tread or gentle or dynamic music appears in front of you, can you see its true face through your own screen, will you have the urge to try? I think the answer is obvious. Creating a scene that transforms the rigid form of advertising into a form of interaction with the user, which is a cool partner.
The micro scene contains the rich connotation, which conveys the theme, the meaning, the emotion, and even the psychological appeal of the consumer, but it is no longer a simple and empty declaration. To design the micro scene feelings in the line, according to different products in different industries with different scene modes, more show the characteristics of products, industry, make the product is no longer the product itself, but to provide meaning, content and story, let more users to further understand the impulse. Background music in the scene, in a new way to open, attract fans into an imaginary horizon. Besides, micro scenes can also add videos, maps, etc., and the scene becomes more stereoscopic. It can't help people to share with their partners. At the same time, the explosive marketing promotion also opens the curtain.
Cool partner micro scene, many elements of style, unique creative, personalized presentation of advertising fusion in joy, will be extended into the mobile advertising experience, inherent mode of subversion, make the interaction with the user more efficient and interesting, attention to improve the conversion rate of buyers. With keen industry insight, cool partners will continue to focus on the market dynamics of micro marketing, constantly improve products, and continuously introduce new industrial applications, providing a powerful solution for micro marketing.
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