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Cool partner: what's the best way to get into the micro age?
In the age of mobile Internet, fragmentation, refinement, small screen and social networking are becoming the new trend of mobile e-commerce development, and WeChat marketing has emerged as the times require. The key to how to attract more fans is crucial, and the key is the microchannel.
Micro channel partners are cool WeChat marketing channel management system based on the public number of WeChat fans path tracking system based on each customer's attention every order you can know the source of clear, rich application scenarios, completely solve the WeChat two-dimensional code promotion to source monitoring.
Micro business is not a new business model innovation, but a channel of innovation or mining. Cool partners micro channel, in the background, you can easily know the source of fans, analyze the effect of the promotion channels, choose the right promotion channels accurately, thereby saving a lot of costs.
In the WeChat marketing era, the distribution pattern is also quietly getting red. For distribution, it is important to manage the distributors. For each distributor a special part of his WeChat two-dimensional code, one can clearly know each of the distributors fans growth, sales, sales management and also each distributor, can help the selection of high quality distributors, some of the incentives, thereby mobilizing the enthusiasm of distributors, save marketing costs, the formation of a virtuous cycle.
In addition, the micro channel has the advantages of simple operation, management more transparent, real-time statistics, greatly improve the management efficiency, improve the accuracy of the WeChat marketing, more able to truly grasp the user's real thoughts, so as to provide ideas and ideas for more corporate marketing, so as to further improve their business system.
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