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Cool partner: the decoration platform is more considerate to you
"Internet plus" has gradually penetrated into all walks of life, there are many hidden problems once the decoration industry in the Internet layer invasion becomes more and more transparent, no place to hide. With high cost performance, standardized decoration enterprises everywhere, and real cost-effective, modular, integration will be the development trend of the Internet decoration.
With the Internet, the decoration is in the "Internet plus" background, thinking of using the Internet and Internet tools, there is the transformation of traditional decoration problems, through the intermediary to channels and standardization, optimization and integration of decoration industry chain, to subvert the traditional decoration of the user experience, so that the decoration is simple, transparent and delicate. More cost-effective!
1. standardization of decoration
From the current market situation, the overall outsourcing mode has replaced the traditional half package business in a number of years. Consumers are more and more anxious for decorating this piece, while the standard for construction is higher and higher. And in the process of Internet decoration and development, too complex and tedious things, will make the industry all the standardization and brand word of mouth to solve. "Based Internet plus" decoration is the standardized construction, only the standard, the industry can amount to be copied, and the operation will be stronger, the mass of Internet decoration trust will be higher.
2. design personalization
With the improvement of people's living standard, consumers' requirements for decoration are not limited to sleeping people, but more demand for visual beauty and comfort. Consumers' emphasis on decorating is generated by the transformation of family housing environment and housing design mode. Especially now young people pursue individuality and difference, so decoration design is particularly important. Then the professional degree of the designer needs to be stronger, to understand the customer's needs, to make the customer's requirements flat, and to speak with the design scheme.
3. industry vertical
The vertical mode of "Internet +" decoration can better represent the direction of industry development, while online and offline platform must be timely organized, or based on design, construction, raw materials and other aspects, or product development and user experience. The vertical mode should focus more on the product itself, whether it is the construction team or the designer, the raw materials should be responsible for the consumers, and the modularity of the trading platform should be more specific, and consumers of every process will be clear at the same time. User friendly cool partners micro decoration platform is to speak with facts, product development and technology support, strong service management team, to users beyond the expected experience, will form word of mouth.
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