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Cool partners teach you how to retain talent
"He was busy in the last few days, and he was not seen today."
"What, he's gone, it's not a long time."
"Yes, I don't know what's going on."
For the above situation the reader must also have experience. The flow of the staff is his failure to meet the company's conditions, or he can not meet the requirements of the company. The situation is multifaceted, not the parties can not understand all of the changes. And then go out, a month's notice, and then the company finds the replacement in the month. We look at the scene of farewell to the scene, helpless, there is a pity.
However, turnover is really like "say go let go, I have all your wow so heroic, cannot recover it?
Why does the employee leave the job? The three elements and turnover ma Dad: less money, not happy, no achievements. No matter what the reason for the staff decided to leave, when buddy categorically resigned, eight cattle also do not pull back if it is.
But, do you have to go? Is it possible to raise a salary? Is it possible to get a promotion?
From the management point of view, many employees farewell things can prevent in the first place, let me see:
1. the responsibilities of the project are revised in time. When a team leader enters a new employee, he will be interviewed according to the job description. But this instruction is not only a broad definition of daily work, but also a revision of the changing project environment, which leads some new people to be unable to adapt to the new project environment, and frustrate the enthusiasm of work and gradually quit. So, the team manager should timely repair information to an employee of the turnover in the handover, his responsibilities are clear, easy to work smoothly later members.
2. let employees have a clear goal. After the employee's entry, and even the interview, the team manager sets a job for the next year to two years. Let the staff clear the direction of the development of the post, oh, I have to work in this direction. At the same time, in the process of work, the chief employees cooperate with each other: the director is striving for better salary, better environment, more targeted training, etc., and employees are more vigorous and better in their work. In a word, the manager wants to provide the treatment that the employee wants, and the employee is trying to create a profit for the enterprise. If the value of the employee is obvious and the demand is put forward reasonably, how can the supervisor disagree?
3. visualize the task and let the supervisor know what you are doing.
If you want the supervisor to give you a pay raise, if you want to know how hard you work, you have to let the supervisor know what you are doing and, in other words, keep the transparency of the task. Some people may say that I am working so hard every day, don't you know I work much, how hard? To be honest, to the manager, he does too much of the day and has no time to take care of what everyone is doing. And employees can't be like a stalker every day and report back to the manager. Since there is no way for both parties to communicate to work at any time, can it make such a scene let the supervisor know the progress of the staff at any time?
Well, the practice is to visualize the task:
For a team, how to realize a supervisor knows: to establish a cool partner OA office system task tool, set tasks, people and time at any time, executive personnel can report progress and discuss problems at any time; managers can view the progress of tasks in real time, and achieve effective promotion of tasks.
How do you know how to achieve the top level of the supervisor? You can invite him to join the team's cool partner OA office system taskbar, so that he can see the work status of the whole department anytime and anywhere, and even directly assign tasks to departmental personnel.
Besides, there are other options for visualizing tasks, such as hanging the task Kanban directly in the office, letting the employees automatically compare their tasks, and letting the supervisor know the whole operation of the team at a glance.
The matter of leaving is not as casual as the instant noodle. It is an important choice in life, and it is irreversible. When the work of divergence phenomenon, to maintain timely communication between the staff and the director, the staff because of the moment and missed a good opportunity to work in charge because of the lack of understanding of the employees missed one good, this is a lose lose.
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