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Cool partner: the line and line of the home O2O platform
This year, "Internet plus" frequently appear in people's life, whether it is to listen to or opinion. In 2015 3/4 the time passed quickly, "how Internet plus" development of various industries, such as the people know if I am cold or warm water. Jiazhuangye borrowed "Internet plus" wings, flying into the homes of ordinary people. With the development of the Internet home clothing industry, the competition of the industry is becoming more and more intense, and the platforms are still in the primary stage of crossing the river. The future is always full of expectations, so we can not help thinking about how the Internet home clothing industry will develop in the high competition.
"Internet plus" wind disease blowing, traditional industry seems to have received challenges, including the home. Compared with other traditional industries, home clothing industry has obvious attributes. It includes non - standardization, too traditional, low frequency and rigid needs. Non - standardized understanding, each user needs different, personalized requirements are also different, which leads to the price, material, decoration and other different. Why is it too traditional? Because the home clothing industry no matter how the development, because of the large volume of the industry, the transformation is particularly difficult.
Jiezhuang platform to obtain the trust of customers, or hard to concentrate on the material, design, construction and other aspects of the work done after all Jiezhuang users directly experience and longevity of the. Users often use the cool partner micro decoration, they have been carefully screened home decoration company, they are now heading towards the direction that most contributes to user experience, and the main force is specialization and standardization. One is that the long-term cooperation upstream suppliers to provide materials, ensure the quality and quality of materials; two, is currently the standard of market price to provide service to customers, as far as possible price transparency, make renovation program user visualization; three, based on information technology means to the whole the construction process has a very strict control, through the video or photos of the form to control the construction process.
From the above points, the user can ease the quality of the project, and also reduce the unnecessary worry about the design of the decoration. Although the Internet can improve a lot of problems of the industry, such as industry information more transparent, the upstream and downstream industry chain link more closely, a way to solve the problem of asymmetric information industry, but to the user and the market, the most important part of decoration is the regression line, the line at the lower end of the ability and value point the more important is to provide the best value for the user experience.
Of course, the line is just as important, the line is mainly through technical means of information technology to improve or optimize the information industry, but the current stage, based on industry characteristics, the value platform will need to re-examine the sustainable development at any time, the value of home improvement platform where? It is the use of Internet tools to promote online and offline integration, so that the traditional home decoration can achieve industrial upgrading and provide users with more perfect services.
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