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The Internet online: when brands in kill Shang Honghai
Agent of a niche brand mask of Areva, recently in the circle of friends on 3C products, health care products, stationery and other phase and not cattle products. Since the beginning of this year, many brands have begun to solicit micro businesses independently. The level is very flat. From shipping to after-sales, brand businesses will participate in the whole process, while micro businesses only need to sell products and sell them, so they will get sub Commission. Is to get a commission from a potbellied brands there, and not to worry about the stockpile problem, not to consume their products with tears.
Nowadays, micro business such as the ocean is attracting more and more brands to chase, with the help of micro business can be a greater range of extension market, but is not limited to online store experience or a business platform. Now these brands not only have cosmetics, as well as Haier, the United States and other traditional home appliance maker, not only that, traditional supermarkets, hypermarkets are found on the derivative of increasing sales opportunities, such as Suning will encourage employees to open micro shop sales success, you can get a commission.
From the geometric, micro business flourishes, promote, scraper and other outrageous earning large quantities of gold each day "has caused resentment among consumers, ordinary weak heart where should such a toss, many micro providers have been angry black. The biggest problem is that the layers of exploitation agent, stockpile, arbitrary price, product quality worrying nuisance people neurasthenia, this is caused by the consumer of derivative products to turn love to hate the cause, which is to promote an important driving force for derivative industry change. In addition, some micro channel Cuanhuo, shoddy, arbitrary price situation is serious, serious impact on the brand's brand image and social image, resulting in a number of brands has been hit in the follow-up operation. By changing the gust of wind, a large number of traditional brand dealers and e-commerce brands recruit regular micro businesses, establish good sales channels, ensure product quality, and expand sales in various directions.
Now, the transition from "centralization" to "centralization" to the mobile terminal has become a first - level strategy for many brands. At present, the derivative threshold is low, do not need to pay agency fees, do not need to hoard goods, you can store. As we all know, the cool partner distribution system can easily achieve the above requirements. A micro trader only needs to share the link to a circle of friends in the background of a cool partner distribution. As long as someone completes the payment through the link, it can be divided. Some brands take micro business as the link of O2O, making traditional stores do online and offline diversion, orders can be viewed at any time, and develop personal micro businesses to try to sell intermediaries, activate new demands and expand new customers through acquaintances social interaction.
Micro business is the subversion of the traditional business model, the use of social networking tools and the Internet platform can be quickly spread, the key is in the micro business inside the consumer relationship is the relationship between people, not between people and shop, this relationship is more prone to trust and emotional, more prone to shopping decision. Finally, strict product quality, so quit violence scraper, focusing on word of mouth and precision marketing, is the derivative of the future of the industry.
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