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The Internet online: how to make O2O model to achieve efficient
With the concept of "Internet plus" getting hot, the O2O models of various industries are mushrooming. However, O2O mode is a powerful tool for transformation and upgrading of enterprises, but it is not an all powerful drug that can save businesses from all kinds of problems.
Business should see the use of O2O tools, the enterprise gout with the advantage of the O2O good medicine, to play the greatest advantage of O2O. We can see that, under the O2O model, reality and virtual docking just meet the needs of the modern consumer. Changes in consumption patterns, consumer demand diversification today, and broad market scenarios, O2O is the sword, it is "very sharp", or be used to hoeing the fields of digging, firewood, to see how people with the sword.
The O2O model should be defined as "Internet plus traditional enterprise / service industry", is in the O2O mode, the Internet and traditional business / service industry combine to produce new situation with the situation, the original market, opened another open way to become full of passion and take on an altogether new aspect, kidney and hormone the vigor of youth. The big environment is standing there. How to stand together in the surging waves as a tree image depends on whether businessmen have brisk eyes and grasp business opportunities. The O2O model is still the trend of the big future, and what advantages it has for people to enjoy.
1. understand the people's consumer experience. Nowadays, consumers pay more attention to the quality of the service and the service experience of the enterprises in addition to the quality of the goods. Just like the cool partners of Internet online, we dig deeper into user's consumption preferences and consumption needs, and combine Internet and offline stores to give people convenience for shopping and experience. People only need a light blow, goods come to the door! Not only goods, open the Internet online home service platform good site, but also can send the service to the door.
2. down-to-earth experience. The biggest abuse of pure Internet consumption is that the goods are not in the wrong edition, and the after-sales service is not in place. And the O2O model under the business of many wired stores, to meet the busy work of the crowd. Through offline store experience, we can find suitable and cost-effective products, and then buy online shopping anywhere, anywhere, and return products and warranty services can be solved for the first time.
3. clear and accurate two-way docking. O2O enterprises have big data platform, which can integrate commodity management, order management, membership and data statistics to facilitate consumers' order consumption, and make unified management of online and offline businesses, thus facilitated the management of commodities, members and bills.
4. cordial and seamless consumption of stickiness. Consumption on certain goods or services after the mall will gain access to consumer information and personal information, and directed to the first time the company's products and consumer promotion activities, promote the development of consumer concern and desire for consumption, improve the flow of the store, the two consumption of consumers.
The online online O2O mode combines the Internet and traditional enterprises perfectly, resolving the messy data in the online and offline businesses, bringing more business ways to businesses, and enabling businesses to be innovative and active. O2O is a sharp weapon or a blunt tool, all of which you use.
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