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Internet online: where is the real value of O2O
Now the O2O model is in the embryonic stage, and the O2O in all walks of life is in the stage of exploration and entrepreneurship, and there are differences in the demand and service of O2O in the industry. So in the first stage of O2O, everyone was crossing the river with a stone.
In general, the current O2O mode is still a relatively simple flow mode. And the real O2O is the transformation of the original process to improve the efficiency. To the O2O market gradually mature, the flow pattern will gradually go down, the real value will be reflected.
What the real value of O2O is is to provide value.
At the beginning of entrepreneurship, O2O entrepreneurs have to think about what the value of a project can provide, and to separate themselves from entrepreneurs and investors, and consider themselves as consumers to think about the value of projects. Is it really valuable?
O2O is not a simple flow of traffic. If the entrepreneur just thinks about how to lead the traffic, then it makes the project. That is not standing at the height of O2O thinking. It's not enough to simply do some traffic work, do not change the product service experience, change the way to treat users, and make resource allocation efficient. Some teams at the beginning thought about how to do things very much, even want to change the industry, often overlooked a lot of small problems. They didn't consider the real value of the project, and did not combine products and services to form an effective resource system, which penetrated into every aspect of the service field. In one word, it is not to consider the value that the project can bring.
O2O is a highly regional field. O2O start-ups will face a new expansion of different places. That is, when they are done in a city, they will think about how to quickly promote and occupy the national market. In fact, the entrepreneur should be careful to expand the pit quickly. Because the key to O2O is to see, do you change the flow of traditional business thinking, the quality of service into the various links of the product, allowing users to take the initiative to consume. In the final analysis, it is the greatest value that your project can provide.
As far as we feel in our daily life, the start-up O2O companies have all kinds of subsidies to attract users. But the subsidy is not a permanent solution, it is important to do early in the products and services, to dig out the seed users. Subsidies are based on good products and services, without good subsidies for products and services. Talk on the products and services of the times, no user loyalty, burn in vain, because users will always find good products and follow. In addition, the consumer is hierarchical, the entrepreneur should define their own users, and can not deluge all the users into their own users. It is something you need to work hard to be able to provide precise service and seize the heart of the consumer.
Nowadays, this era is a very good entrepreneurial era. Any industry can be changed more efficiently and dynamically by mobile Internet, paying more attention to user experience. The Internet is willing to help O2O entrepreneurs take a good grasp of the opportunities given by the times and be brilliant on the O2O business Avenue.
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