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Internet: behind the "pancake man" selling the price of the sky
When you pass the pancake stall, will you think of "the pancake man"? The director of the ROC's debut is a big black horse in the summer, and the ROC is a person. In fact, it is a Diao silk. From "to" Dapeng tinkling tinkling it "grass root man", Mirs is a successful grass root up, but the "pancake man" to the success of the ROC became the king of grass root. Why would such a successful man pancake, which is nothing more than the trend of the times, including many of the Internet thinking, today Xiaobian together and "tinkling tinkling it" the truth.
At present, the Internet age of Diao silk is more than the economy of the Internet, rather than the Internet economy. From BAT to Diao silk men and pancake man, the business of Diao silk is made, making Diao silk money. Since it is dealing with Diao silk, it has to have the thinking mode of Diao silk. You do not understand the heart of a cock, who will be willing to bring out the money in your pocket to you. Before the traditional industry is not so serious sit, saw in Western dress and leather shoes, small portable sniffily, talked about the ideal of life, chicken soup. Now it's different, even millions of wealthy, inevitably and grass root for but also address each other as brothers, let the grass root can identify themselves. Dapeng knows the truth, so man is a grass root pancake counter attack story, even at the beginning of the loading force is the essence of grass root. You say so deep in the hearts of people, showing human nature, unsuccessful, is it possible?
Ring the heart, the next is to let everyone's heart and liver to pay. How to earn money to customers, to promote obvious Internet marketing methods, such as through new media, big campaign, WeChat scan code for the whole push, reach the explosive marketing mode by word of mouth among fans, then the whole movie to sell price known to every family. With the help of grass root power of grass root to earn pocket money, in the name of the grass root, which is the "mobile Internet plus" has the meaning.
"Behind the pancake man" sold, "mobile Internet plus" era of fashion, using the Internet thinking to subvert the traditional industries, the essence of subversive marketing model. With well-designed new media materials, such as "shining Beijing" H5, "Mom, my friend circle, I have you," H5 and other products, as well as some virus videos, etc., basically get the initiative of the audience, and form the corresponding topic effect with social media. The product of interconnected online -- cool partners, integrates WeChat public account management, marketing, promotion and distribution into one. We have a good command of the psychology of cock silk, and we have a key to open up the explosive marketing. As a "mobile Internet plus" typical products, reasonable use of the "mobile Internet plus" features for marketing, this is definitely a counter attack artifact many grass root of the shop. I believe we have this artifact to make the "pancake man" in the cost industry to be the product of the cost industry to be promoted.

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