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The cool partner has contracted the "fish pond" for you. Would you like to drop the fish?
In the world of Internet information in China, BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) has always been the focus of attention. However, the time variant of the raging like a storm, the Tencent WeChat products, the suddenness of a thunderbolt to occupy Chinese netizens camp, become domineering side leakage, network hegemony! WeChat public on-line platform, so WeChat became the official brand micro-blog another Internet marketing Raidi, many companies, micro-blog also began to WeChat large grassroots. What is the value that WeChat marketing can bring to the enterprise? How can we start WeChat marketing?
1. Maintain old customers and lock old customers
Many business owners will have such confusion: when we had a tremendous effort to develop a new customer, because there is a lack of communication between the two sides, the loss of customers, and even competitors consumption. The traditional mode of maintenance of customers, such as traditional telephone, salesman, customer service, is not only expensive, but also difficult to operate. I don't believe in spam messages in mobile phones. What insurance, materials, investments, consumables and other advertisements are mostly directly into the trash can. These are in the process of maintaining customers, do not analyze and classify customer groups, so that the information received by customers is not the exact information they need.
By WeChat, as long as the user opened WeChat attention to the WeChat account, so it can analyze data to the fans group is very convenient to classify customers, understand what customers really need, so as to push the information they need to establish a good relationship. This kind of large-scale marketing to target customers enhances customer's dependence on their products, increases customer stickiness and makes their products penetrate into the subconscious of customers.
Two, set up your own advertising platform to save advertising expenses
In the absence of tools like WeChat, many companies advertise through traditional patterns, such as television, newspapers, etc. Although sometimes the effect is good, but the sales and advertising costs are directly proportional to the benefits that are not very impressive. How to save the advertising costs, but also to ensure that the effect of advertising has become the most critical point.
Through WeChat, it seems to be very simple. As long as we establish our own public platform and establish our own WeChat operation system, we first attract customers from traditional ways to focus on them, and gradually import the target customers to their own micro signals, and ultimately weaken the input of traditional advertising. So the WeChat platform has become a good advertising platform. Now many enterprises that see this opportunity have invested a lot of energy to circle the land, so that they can seize the opportunity to seize the market.
Three, save manpower cost, easier to spread
Through keyword setting, automated manual services can be realized, saving a lot of labor costs, and to a certain extent, it acts as the role of intelligent customer service. And on WeChat, it can also achieve online orders, online ordering, and so on, which can save a lot of cost for the enterprise. And spread in WeChat, by continuously stimulating old customers and increasing customer trust in enterprises, customers will spontaneously propagate, so that their friends can join in, increase their customers and expand their influence.
Cool partners, in accordance with the WeChat features, to develop a more workable marketing system. After introducing the target customers into the public platform, they set up their own stable customer base for the enterprise. A huge "fish pond" has been formed through the gathering of cool partners. Some of the common industries in each other can share the source, which strengthens the cooperation with other enterprises, realizes the sharing of resources, and maximizes the benefit. 15 minutes of operation, you can have their own WeChat marketing program; a simple process, you can have their own micro store, in the fish pond to get a group of fish. The cool partner has contracted the "fish pond" for you. Would you like to drop the fish?
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