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The micro marketing logic of cool partners
Does the micro business count as a pyramid sale? To be honest, it is difficult to define it now, but one thing to be sure is that the scope and depth of the radiation are far higher than the pyramid market. Because in many people's minds, even pyramid selling people will have the concept of "pyramid selling is illegal", and for most of them, most people regard it as an excellent Internet related pioneering opportunity after Taobao. Cool partners and you analyze how to make up for the huge loopholes in the micro business.
First of all, it is necessary to make a positive name for the micro business. Micro business is not a simple "WeChat e-commerce", not only the WeChat store, but one of the new modes of mobile e-commerce. 'micro' is relative to the big platform 's' big', but WeChat is definitely a major channel. Now most people are impressed by the masks and brush the circle of friends. The future mobile business, the seller will rely on large data to analyze the property of the buyer, so as to make a more detailed positioning.
Secondly, we should improve the supply of goods. At present, there are some unfavorable consumers' rights and interests in the products circulated in WeChat's circle of friends, but this is an inevitable process of germination for any emerging business economy. A large number of traditional and powerful suppliers, which are originally supplied to the real economy, will start the "micro business mode". The inflow of these goods will bring huge positive energy to the micro business.
Finally, it is necessary to achieve a win-win situation in the future. With the rapid development of the electricity supplier, many factories or stalls all want to embrace the Internet, the government has taken various policy support and guidance, but the technology is poor, limited manpower, not specifically for the network customer service team and other objective conditions, so that the traditional factories and stalls have missed the Internet development opportunities. What role will the rapid development of the micro business play in the era of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation"? Everyone can capture the opportunity of the Internet, and whether it is engaged in the PC, mobile or traditional business, we should seize the win-win situation from the micro business and the professional market.
In the vortex of derivative MLM is currently experiencing a reshuffle, professional and secure micro business predators will dominate the market, some of the long tail edge of small and micro chamber encounter the survival of the fittest, dead, if this is the case, it is really a sad thing. If so, the business trend of the community of micro merchants is completely misinterpreted. The future of the micro business is based on the community ecology produced by human relations, and the logic of doing business is not to be seen.
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