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Online: sharing the economy makes life more colorful
One weekend, there was a little rain, the night was dark, and my friend was invited to go and go. But there is no bus to have friends, home is no subway arrived, friends call me the car. The first time to take a special train, the psychological unavoidable uneasy, do not want the master good heart, excellent attitude, and smoothly sent me to a friend's home.
One day, see a family of three to take the subway, the young mother dragged a pink box, particularly exquisite, thin seems to see signs of a beaver family. See them happy look, must be just come back from a client's manicure. Suddenly feeling the power of the Internet is big, "Internet plus" has spring rain like blowing into people's lives.
A similar activity is what we now call the "shared economy". Shared economy is a process of reusing the resources to create value. APP provide door-to-door beauty services, docking end professional technicians, is not willing to go out to do beauty docking crowd; was the development of a APP, can call a professional fitness trainer to accompany together; now will also integrate car private car free, the car is not convenient docking crowd. These are the effective use of the resources in the empty period, which can be tangible and intangible. Visible, such as cars, houses and other visible and tangible objects, invisible is beauty, nail, haircut and other professional skills, or is some experience, or even energy.
From the form of shared economy, we can easily find that people are more and more aware of the feeling of enjoying the process and period. And the rapid growth of O2O's life service is also dependent on people's more attention to experience life. People now have a less important place for the ownership of resources, and more care about the use of resources. In today's life style has changed, there is a strong curiosity about the new things, which makes people more eager to experience life. It can be said that the resource demand side is the user, and the value of the experience is "shared economy", and it is a push that O2O can grow rapidly.
O2O is jointly promoted by the development of two parts, online and offline, and the emergence of shared economy is also a combination of online and offline two parts. Sharing economy in the face of personalized needs of most mobile users to provide personalized supply, to pay for the service provider, is a more reasonable distribution of social resources and utilization of social resources, but also because O2O solve people increasingly diverse and full of individual needs, and become more and more common. Way of life.
The supply and demand of idle resources can be matched correctly, and there is a great opportunity for the media to be the Internet. Interconnected online believes that by relying on the unique nature of the Internet across space and time, the offline information acquisition, screening and decision making links can be brought to the front line, improving the efficiency of idle resource reuse. In any case, the rational allocation and use of resources requires a platform to link effectively the online matching links and offline links. Interconnected online good sites are excellent platforms for O2O life services, facilitating people's community life. Whether it's O2O or the sharing of the economy, they have an unstoppable momentum that lets us look forward to it.
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