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I'd like to offer 500 thousand cool buddy, this guy
We know the blog, podcast, flash, backpacker, you know ofshare? Shaike is keen to use words and pictures to private objects, private life exposure to online users. Besides playing such a huge function, our circle of friends, such as sun food, sun beauty, sun beauty, sun care and sun care, has also become the main battleground of all kinds of micro dealers and agents. The goods, cheap a superb collection of beautiful things "cry up prices, continue to challenge the reader's eyes and brain. At first, they were successful, but with the constant exposure of the problems such as the quality and sales channels of micro businesses, people had no patience and interest to see them continue to enjoy the scenery.
Micro business, it has permeated our life with the pervasive attitude. However, violence scraper, three products run amok, circle of friends information asymmetry, a large number of goods in the hands of micro hoarding. "Multi layers of pressure distribution, stock money" business ideas of micro business people from mouth to mouth, since this idea was exposed, people with a derivative word things feel alert and uneasy. But on the other hand, the transformation of enterprises get together to "Internet plus", push into the micro business, hope to achieve the upgrading of enterprises to create wealth ride. How should we balance such a contradiction? How can we change the unhealthy stereotypes of stereotyped stereotypes, and find out a way out of the dilemma for people to love and see?
At present, the small business is only a kind of feeling, creativity, and the buyers are also in the emotional appeal, bought a piece of goods that have not been used later. Now, this kind of simple brush circle is not enough. What micro businesses need is to establish connections between people to promote the wide spread of commodities, so as to get high-intensity user stickiness. The problem is a problem of payment and stockpile problems placed in front of the micro business. In order to eliminate the bad impression of users of the micro business stockpile, the emergence of a "minor business mode is not high goods, and even made a return. This model does not require small merchants to buy goods, only the products are exposed to the Internet, and if they have a deal, they can be divided into profits. The aim is to help customers interact and serve to spread word of mouth.
This light mode, derivative only need to find the source, the product shelves sharing to a circle of friends, or other community ports, trading will return and do not have to worry about the problem of stockpile. The smooth operation of the light mode is also bound to have a system to support the maintenance of the manufacturers and the commercial products, accounts and other aspects of the connection. The cool partner CMS on the Internet is able to play! The cool partner CMS is a powerful WeChat distribution system. It is suitable for product type enterprises and is suitable for micro business. It is mainly used in WeChat marketing such as distribution, settlement, two level distribution and so on. As long as there are good sources and marketing teams, manufacturers and microdealers can use the micro marketing CMS platform to achieve the new distribution system of mobile e-commerce, which is "manufacturers do not worry about marketing, and micro businesses do not worry about supply".
Share mode, micro business can not hoard goods, forwarding and share product information, commodity transaction, you can get a commission. Haha, it seems to have a feeling of "no work to get". Is that really good?
So beautiful! I would like to offer 500 thousand for this cool partner! But it's not so expensive!
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