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WeChat marketing how to do good word of mouth marketing
Whether it is a physical store, a shop or a micro store, it is very important to do a good job of word of mouth marketing. And how to do a good word of mouth marketing in WeChat marketing is also the key.
1. starting from the essence, to open the word of mouth marketing
Good product is the source of word of mouth, and it is the foundation of marketing. If the quality of the product is compared to the number 1, then marketing is the number 0 behind 1. If you don't have the first 1, the best marketing is just an empty word. Have their own third of an acre to an enterprise in the information flow bombing of the sea, we must ensure the quality of their products.
2. to set sail from experience and to build word of mouth marketing
The Internet is a part of the collective participation of the public. In order to do a good job of micro marketing, first of all, it needs to start from the psychology of the consumer. In the great changes that have occurred in these decades, the decision psychology of consumers to choose goods has also changed greatly. At first, the purchase of goods, the user pays attention to the functionality of the goods, and then to the brand type consumption, in recent years, more popular experience consumption.
3. in order to guarantee the marketing of word of mouth
What is the best relationship between the user and the enterprise? Thousands of users, there will be thousands of ideas, and thousands of habits. Why do they approve of your product? After the approval of your product, why do you have to take the initiative to help you spread? In fact, this is the foundation of the establishment of social social networks in modern society. The establishment of social networks depends on the flow of information, and the flow of information is the transfer of trust. Enterprises have established a good degree of trust in user relations, and the wider the scope of word of mouth communication. As a person, a friend is the most trustworthy user relationship.
Based on this, the cool partner WeChat marketing system uses fans as a first friend to improve the stickiness of fans with micro games, coupons and so on. Through the analysis of the store data, it is possible to clear the consumer's needs and provide a favorable guarantee for the maintenance of the "friendship" between the two. In addition, cool partners WeChat marketing system is based on WeChat platform, and consumers can approve products, so they can be shared by WeChat and friends, so as to achieve split consumption and better finish word of mouth marketing.
The marketing of the shopping system is the communication of word of mouth, and the source of word of mouth is the product. Therefore, based on the selling point of the product and how to express the basic material of the selling point is the lifeline of the communication. Do you want to do a good job, and then give it to a reassuring marketing system - the cool partner WeChat marketing system, is product sales still worrying?
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