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Online: do you win the money
I know there is a paragraph: 2000 yuan a month, how to enjoy the luxury of life in Beijing? Downstairs there is such a god replies: wake up in the morning, first open the carpool software, booking free ride, the first single! At noon, I would like to compare which takeaway platform is subsidizing activities, order a 9 yuan meal, find a cleaner to clean the room at weekends, and call a massage therapist for door-to-door massage. Of course, it's all free...
After the above paragraph, we cheered on the side of cheap and convenient consumption, while on the other side of the platform for the huge subsidies to grab a little bit of heart pain. After a hiss of cracked tooth tooth war, there are a few people smoke over carrying Zhandao standing? I can't help but remember that there is no "easy" two word in the adult world, and the mall is not so. Whatever we look back, there is a bloody killing arena.
Free carpool, free cleaning, free car wash, free nail... Although people have a deep psychological alert for "free", but the society under the flying all over the sky with "O2O" and "Internet plus", people's curiosity to overcome fear, happily accepted "not white do not" free ", and never bored to enjoy and share and spread. The users are free to shuttle on the big favorable platforms every day, and which platform has no subsidies to turn away. In spite of this, entrepreneurs poured in and turned their butt back after the financing was still unprofitable.
Like this platform subsidy, can buy the user's moment of pleasure, but can not buy the loyalty of the user I. The marketing personnel of the platform must have such an experience: making full efforts and carefully planning activities, attracting users' attention to the public number, the actual marketing effect and user activity are much lower than expected. For this, a good site team feels the same. The cost of promotion is very high, and the subsidy of the platform is a bottomless hole that can never see the end. The outsiders see only the fierce battle of the war, but only the authorities have a deep sense of the bitterness and desolation of the war. For the users, they are only in good taste and fun, which side is busy running, once there is no subsidy, it is to clap the butt. Any subsidy war is useless to the O2O platform. As long as there is no profit model, the way to get users' habits by burning money will only fall into financing -- burning money -- loss -- financing -- a vicious cycle of losing patience in capital market.
The money war is only a way to harvest the customers in the O2O industry, but it must not be the direction and purpose of the O2O industry. Good website thinks that the future O2O platform can not be enough money, so it must be extended to product, service experience, capital, upstream and downstream industry chain and other comprehensive strength competition, so that we can win customers in the heart. The major platforms should start with their own service objects. In the promotion stage of burning money, there should be a clear later development idea. There must be a later development route. Otherwise, the O2O platform will only end up in the tide of "you fight for me to grab" unlimited circulation.
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