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Cool partner: come here and talk to you about the wedding
Whether you are ready or not, the Internet is altering the way people produce and live. With the accession of a large number of post-90s new people, the wedding market is entering the era of "micro wedding". Micro-blog, WeChat and QQ are deeply affecting the service and marketing way of wedding industry. It has no boundary for the market, but also has no upper limit for services.
According to the Statistics Center Industry Survey Chinese married: married people are willing to put their savings for the 31% wedding related spending, every year for the wedding day and the consumption of nearly 300 billion yuan, and wedding related industry for nearly 60, the only wedding day the consumption is 1.9% of the total contribution of GDP. The wedding economy has grown into the most remarkable growth point of China's economy.
The wedding is one of the most important milestones in everyone's life. For a wedding even more painstaking work costs, especially for young people, the wedding is not only held a simple wedding, they pay more attention to the wedding ceremony and pomp. A romantic and warm wedding took a lot of manpower and financial resources.
With the "Internet plus" in the promotion and application of all walks of life, some wedding photography, wedding photo studio, planning and other enterprises began to use the Internet to achieve the next line to function.
According to the special needs of the wedding industry, the Internet online's cool partners launched the "micro wedding" mobile terminal industry solutions, for the wedding company tailored APP, micro sites, micro mall, and deeply connected multi platform, realized commodity management, order management, membership management, WeChat payment, shipping and distribution, backstage management, management, marketing brand promotion function.
Flexible application services, the perfect combination of weddings and planning lines, will bring surprises to new people. For example: the banquet guest management, the blessing wall management and so on. At the wedding scene, the WeChat blessing wall can not only activate the wedding atmosphere, but also make the new people happy.
In addition to the wedding industry, cool partners also cover more than ten industry solutions such as catering, real estate, automobile, tourism and so on, and develop customized functions for different industries and achieve cross-border integration of traditional industries and mobile Internet.
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