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Cool Partners: A few things to think about when doing micromarketing

As the tide of the mobile Internet has generally swept the world, whether it is individuals or businesses, whether it is our work or life, it has been greatly affected. Among them, WeChat is a communication tool for friends and a means of commercial promotion. In the era of “lowering clan” in the arena of rivers and lakes, many companies use the WeChat platform to promote their brands. WeChat marketing may become a weapon for wealth, but you need to think clearly about these things before doing micromarketing.


What is your marketing for WeChat?


If you think that everyone is in WeChat marketing, I also want to do so, then the WeChat marketing that you carry out will not be successful. Just because someone else is doing it, they decide to do it, stating that you haven't seen clearly the advantages and disadvantages of WeChat marketing, and have not seriously considered whether their products are suitable for WeChat marketing. WeChat has the characteristics of acquaintances socializing, public subscriptions, instant flexibility and payment platforms, making certain products adaptable, and some products can not be used. Therefore, only by understanding the characteristics of WeChat and the characteristics of their own products, and finding a combination of the two to adapt to the effective use of WeChat marketing, will not waste a lot of time and not be effective.


Who are your target users?


Before you start online marketing, you must think about who the target users of the product are, and whether they belong to the mainstream users of WeChat? How active is it? What kind of content can attract them? For example, the target customers of facial masks should be women, and the precise point is that young women and Baomao. What kinds of articles should be written to attract such people? You don't necessarily have to put your mask ads in your public number. How many people would you like to see? Therefore, accurate delivery is the key factor in online marketing.


Your WeChat marketing plan?


As with traditional marketing, WeChat marketing must be tactically and programmatically implemented. It cannot be too arbitrary. The content sent by the WeChat public account is one of the most important aspects of WeChat marketing, and it is also the most difficult link. The content is not good, not only the marketing effect is not good, and powder off powerful. The content is good, not only the marketing effect is good, it will increase the customer's viscosity, but also bring new fans. Therefore, we must formulate plans, analyze the marketing costs that can be spent, combine revenue forecasts, and how long we can continue with stable marketing, and develop marketing plans for at least several months or even longer to avoid the decline in marketing quality.


Taking full account of the above points, we can do a good job marketing Wechat. In addition, how to use micro-stores, WeChat payment platform support, how to strengthen the interaction with the subscribers, how to use incentives, incentives, activities, etc. to stimulate the user's enthusiasm, these are late need to think, afraid to do Well WeChat marketing? do not be afraid! Now log in cool partners to experience for free, take you Fun WeChat marketing.

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