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Connected online: know yourself better than you

The next single to see the film, buy a group buy coupons to the restaurant to spend, called the individual to the community to wash a car, called the individual to the apartment to be a nail...Our life today, O2O has been spring into the night silently affecting all aspects of life . It has changed a person's daily life, and even affected a completely new transformation of the true Internet landscape.


In the PC era, what Internet companies do is “connecting people and information”. People mainly obtain various kinds of information to facilitate their work and life. In the era of mobile Internet, they develop “connecting people and services”, and people directly obtain life services through the Internet. With just one mobile terminal, you can watch thousands of lives, and you can immediately enjoy services, be it merchandise, experience, or diet. In the era of mobile Internet, when users have a demand, they must not only accurately tell users where they can meet their needs, but also allow users to immediately meet them. In the era of the PC, people were only thirsty for information. Now, what people need is an immediate service. Such forms and trends are different between the PC era and the Internet era.


From a global perspective, the domestic O2O market is the fastest growing. Various service providers and business owners are enthusiastically embracing the Internet and are actively thinking about what Internet technology can bring them. Objectively speaking, today's O2O technology is still a relatively scarce market. Most of them are attracting users, such as "I pay for money" and "I send red envelopes," and homogeneity is serious. Users are also fatigued. Fundamentally, whether it is the development of the Internet companies themselves or the transformation and cooperation of Internet companies with traditional enterprises, the technology will be more long-term competitive.


The rapid development of Internet technology, such as speech recognition, image recognition, artificial intelligence, big data and other technology breakthroughs, makes people and services continue to do a better job of connecting things, and constantly bring people closer to the market. The needs of the market, the continuous improvement of technology requirements, and the training of a batch of excellent Internet companies. Good internet companies must stand the test of the market and must stand the test of time. Deeply cultivating the Internet of the mobile Internet enterprise-class market, in the "minutes and minutes of 500,000" market, with a keen sense of the market and high standards of technology, has won the attention of capital and users again and again. Interconnecting online with mature and perfect technology has helped enterprises seize user needs, transform the operating chain, increase the efficiency of resource utilization, and make the conversion path between consumer demand and merchant services shorter. Since then, people and services have been put closer.


Time and market are like quality companies. They prefer companies that are constantly improving and that can drive the progress of others. At present, the O2O market is still in the initial stage of development. But from the perspective of the prospects, what is now facing is the opportunity to re-establish potential markets. Seize the opportunity to meet the next surprise in the era of mobile Internet: Internet is more aware of yourself than you!

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