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Cool Partner Micro Fitness keeps you from falling apart

Fitness is a miraculous thing, a scrawny year of Sao, two years of exercise, transforming into a muscular man; a sister paper full of swim rings, three years of exercise, becoming a goddess; a person with poor physical fitness, sports for one year Something is good. Fitness is such a magical thing!


Get up every day, listlessness, go to school to work, work and study are not smart ... ... want to move your brain, we must first let your body move! Did you say that there is no park in the vicinity of the house and you can't run? Can the swimming pool downstairs not swim? The gym troubles to make an appointment and doesn't want to go... You said that all this is blocking the pace of your exercise. Well, if you still have a fitness dream, come on!


Open the mobile phone will be able to reserve a coach, fitness and environmental equipment at a glance, fitness items, sports time content, intelligent management, what opinions can immediately reply immediately reply, member feedback and feedback at any time, promotions are in control. This is cool partner, a good partner of micro fitness.


If you still don't want to go to the gym, no problem, Cool Buddy has great ideas. Help you to calculate calories, a reasonable diet with daily, aerobic exercise with your choice, according to the exercise to help you plan the length of fitness, regular fixed-point reminding fitness time. It is not necessary to provide a full set of sports equipment with great fanfare, and it is not necessary to go to the gym every day, at home, in the park, and on the way back.


Cool partner such a good service experience, thoughtful fitness reminder, what are you dissatisfied with?


We have been exercising, and one day I discovered that you and I are the same...

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