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Cool partner: look at the face of the era, fearless

In the era of mobile Internet, users' habits have changed, and a large number of users have turned to the mobile Internet, and mobile phones have become a new hot area. Businesses and enterprises of all sizes have seized the mobile phone side, and the mobile Internet micro-site has staged a new battle.


In the circle of friends, we often see the advertising information released by micro-businesses, we will dry our products for a while, and then we will have a single amount of sun drying, a drying effect, and a sun drying amount. All kinds of drying, people really have to doubt this information. The authenticity. Micro-business just started, but also get the trust of users, but the micro-business simply brushing the screen after the user's trust is difficult to obtain, Xiao Bian suggested that it would be better to try the micro-site, perhaps another spring of micro-business.


The microsite is a new generation website that adapts to the current mobile client's browsing and interactive performance requirements. It is based on the microsite platform development, and can quickly and easily link with mobile applications such as WeChat, sending precise text messages to customers. , to achieve the information of a touch.


What are the marketing advantages of microsites?


1. The microsite combines the advantages of WeChat and has a large user base to tap more potential users. Enterprises put micro-sites on the public number. Users can directly access the site to understand the enterprise by paying attention to the public number. Enterprises can also better communicate with users, and no longer simply send advertisements to swallow customers patience.


2. With the establishment of a microsite, companies no longer need to frequently publish product information on WeChat. Only by updating the product through the microsite, users can quickly learn the latest news, and companies can display products more freely and openly.


3. When micro-businesses sell products in the circle of friends, they will emphasize the quality, reliability, and reputation of the company, but if they say nothing, who will idle and inquire about the company's situation? The display of the company's situation, whether it is qualification, brand, history of development can be presented, product quality assurance is no longer empty talk.


At present, WeChat is another main channel for public communication. In order to meet the changing needs of customer communication in the era of micromarketing, Connected Online has seized the opportunity of the times, actively explored the market, launched cool partner microsite, and established a new public image for micro-businesses and enterprises. Promote the development of micromarketing ecology in the new era. Now that corporate marketing with a public number alone has become monotonous, it cannot meet the diverse needs of users. The microsite is like a “face” of a business. It directly reveals the connotation of temperament and brand value to the user. It is also time for the company to change its image.

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