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Connected Online: From Technology to Market Front

Introduction: At the moment, the mobile Internet has swept all walks of life. It has strenuously impacted on traditional enterprises, and it has also brought about a golden opportunity. In the turbulent era of development, the Internet has shifted from the technical background to the front-end market and has undergone transformation. This move will rewrite the domestic chaos of the O2O industry and reconstruct the development pattern.


All companies are the products of the times. Only by catching up with the beats of the times can companies do it. The world's first Motorola was replaced by Nokia, and Nokia has not yet secured the first throne and was replaced by Apple. why? It is because we have not taken the beat of the times. As the times change, companies must continue to subvert themselves, regenerate Nirvana, and connect online.


Ten years of experience in channel business and customer service, and online accumulated huge amounts of resources. In the ten years of development, Internet has precipitated a strong technical force. With the surging tide of the mobile Internet, Internet is catering to the megatrends, turning gorgeously, moving from the technical background to the terminal market, serving small and medium-sized enterprises, and serving the terminal market.


Internet-oriented thinking


Internet thinking is a kind of commercial democratization thinking. It is building a brand new ecosystem. The core connotation of internet thinking is customer first. In the Internet economy, giving the product emotions can maximize the user experience.


This is in line with the entrepreneurial spirit of the Internet services industry serving the Internet. Many years of precipitation, whether it is to do peers, OEM, big orders, or today's transition directly to the market, we do not forget the initial heart.


After breaking up


"Invisible - unsightly - incomprehensible - not too late" is the most common reaction people face when they face a new system of new business opportunities. This is also the reason why a large number of traditional enterprises have been killed on the "Mobile Internet +" beach in the past two years. The most important reason. Once successful experience has become the biggest obstacle to the transformation of most enterprises.


If the system does not change, it is only useless to graft mobile internet into the enterprise. Without subversion or innovation, how can we talk about transformation? Break first and then establish, subvert and innovate. This is also the most important reason for Internet companies to jump out of the annual sales of 20 billion payment companies and get involved in the O2O industry.


Corporate genetic reorganization


On the osmanthus tree, peaches never grow forever because of different genes. The transformation not only needs great courage to survive, but also requires the transformation of companies' genes such as strategy and architecture.


The experience of enterprise-level market services that have been connected to the Internet for more than a decade has made us more successful in the transition.


1, for the product: Bi Qigong in a battle, the ultimate product. Internet-connected products are guided by the "customer first" Internet thinking. Whether it is a good site, cool partner, or integration, we use the iterative development model to launch users' most needed functions and then use them as the center. Feedback continues to improve.


2, cross-border and unbounded: In product development, we are no longer confined to a single field in a single industry, but with rigorous rational thinking and logical thinking, grasp every pain point of the user, with perceptual power insight into human nature, in the user At the same time, functional requirements meet the emotional needs of users. Jump out of the industry and focus on the industry, professional and humanistic, emotional and rational.


3. Media-based communication: The use of word-of-mouth communication from the media to replace the traditional press conferences and other means of dissemination in the industrial era. Whether it is Weibo or WeChat, after the user is moved, the resulting voluntary communication is the best form of communication.


4. Distortion of organizational structure: With the background of a new era, Internet has fully mobilized the enthusiasm of employees through the flattening of organizational structure, absorbing “fresh blood” and reducing the internal communication costs of the organization, and established an organizational structure that is equal, open, and collaborative. .


From the technical background to the front of the market, it is a self-revolution. On the road to transformation, we are always on our way!


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