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Mobile Office Artifact: Cool Partner WeChat Management System

WeChat brings the lifestyle of mobile internet - We easily connect, consume various services through WeChat, and use mobile phones for daily social networking. For individuals, Wechat has been able to cope with most of the life scenes. For companies, how to load companies into mobile phones is always exploring.


In the past, we mentioned that mobile OA is mostly implemented by installing APP applications on mobile clients such as mobile phones and tablets. Security, compatibility, and other issues have been difficult to solve; and systems that are developed based on different operating systems and functions have been implemented. The number is small, probably only accounting for 5% of the OA function, and it can't meet the growing demand for mobile office. In this regard, Internet launched a cool partner WeChat Enterprise OA system, allowing users to carry out handheld office at any time, in the event of emergencies and emergencies showed efficient and excellent support.


In the end, the WeChat company number is "tall"?


Compared with the subscription number and service number, the WeChat company number can be called “tall”:


1. It peeped at the occupational social field and "big and fat" enterprise management software market that has never reached the expected flash point in the country;


2. The target group targeted by the company number is - the company's white-collar workers;


3. The enterprise number can not only be configured with multiple applications with similar service numbers, but is unlimited in the number of messages to be sent, and can also be used for message security settings to ensure the security and privacy of messages.


4. In combination with WeChat's open interface capabilities, the "Enterprise Number" can also use native WeChat photos, scan codes, upload geographical locations, open platform speech recognition, image recognition interfaces and services, WeChat payment, and corporate envelope interfaces. ;


5. The information in the enterprise number will become the highest priority information in the WeChat ecosystem. It will not be folded like the subscription number, and it will not be submerged in the flood of information.


Cool Partners Combine WeChat Enterprise to Achieve Ten Basic Functions of OA System


1. According to the organizational structure of the enterprise, the employees of the bound enterprise number are grouped and the company's address book is established;


2. Support the creation and management of various tasks, and can view the progress of tasks in real time to achieve effective advancement of tasks;


3. WIFI IP identification can be used to determine the employee's attendance status, automatically forming employee check-in, attendance trajectory;


4. Various workflows, such as reimbursement, business trips, etc., can be submitted directly at WeChat to achieve efficient, simple, open and free approval;


5. Apply for leave anytime and anywhere, automatically associate with the approver in the address book, flexible and convenient to handle;


6. Support text, voice, pictures at any time record, the system automatically generates reimbursement details; reimbursement applications, approval results through WeChat message real-time notification;


7. Automatically associate meeting participants, meeting invitations, meeting schedules can be alerted in real-time through WeChat messages;


8. Support voice and text easy to create a memo, easy to share between the members of the company a key;


9. To support the quick and easy creation of conference records in the form of voice, text, etc., and to provide functions such as archiving and retrieval of historical conference records for easy access;


10. In the dialog box, the work content is input in real time, and the daily report is automatically integrated.


The above functions and scenarios have now entered the stage of execution. These issues were noticed by many companies long ago and they were actively tried many times, either based on Android or IOS systems to develop software clients, or integrating other internal software within the company. In fact, as of now, mobile office-based office automation, customer relationship management, and collaborative office have not yet been widely used. Therefore, the launch of the Cool Partner WeChat Enterprise OA system will help organize and mobilize human resources within the company. A mobile phone and a WeChat application software can become platforms and tools for enhancing work efficiency and can be armed. the company!


With its fierce development momentum, WeChat Enterprise is bound to have a huge impact on the OA system in the era of PC and mobile clients in corporate social and office space. In the future, Cool Partner WeChat Enterprise OA System will become a mobile office artifact!


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