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Business: My O2O, I call the shots

Today, O2O is so hot that it is nothing more than a change in the way you checkout. From traditional cash-settling consumption, you can become prepaid and online payment and then spend money to see who gets the consumer's money first. The most wanted to do this thing is to master a large number of online traffic companies, such as Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba. Therefore, at the beginning of 2014, BAT played in the O2O mergers and acquisitions war. Taxi software subsidy is the most typical example. The O2O market is too large. Many businesses have accumulated many users themselves after many years of precipitation. They only need to use some means to refinance these users for two or more times. In terms of marketing, each business is its own media. Here, I will refer to the business from the media, and the difference and WeChat from the media.


Offline merchants entering the O2O field do not necessarily rely on the online flow of users to import, through their own years of user accumulation and the combination of Internet tools, with the form of business from the media to do interactive marketing, their own customers own control. So I gave the business a new slogan to chase the wave of mobile Internet O2O: My O2O, I call the shots!


Many traditional offline companies have hundreds of stores in China from self-employed to joined. The number of customers accumulated through store consumption is considerable, especially for recharging consumer customers who are within their management scope. However, often on weekends and holidays, the business of the shops is booming, and even the wealthy bosses may have to wait for consumption, and may not have services after dozens of minutes. And if they use the APP launched by Shenzhen Connect Online, users can make reservations and pay prepayments directly through their mobile phones. The storefront system arranges services in advance after receiving scheduled information. Consumers no longer have to worry about having money or spending money. Businesses also avoid the loss of customers. All this does not require the introduction of on-line traffic. It only requires a tool to integrate the existing users. At the same time, interactive marketing can also be done through the store, through the QR code, registration, marketing wifi, platform sales promotion and other ways to absorb new customers to the store, and through their own and third-party media for event marketing activities. In this way, the merchants truly take O2O in their hands, and user data will not flow out, forming a complete closed loop.

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