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Cool partner: micro-business, where is your way out?

Recently, the once-famous micro-business was rolled up to the cusp and became the subject of everyone's writing. However, there is still much room for survival of microblogging, which has become a topic of increasing concern. Where should the future micro-business go?


Micro business will die?


All kinds of signs indicate that the micro-businesses that rely on the growing circle of friends have already deviated from the normal track of business development. The homogeneity of its products, lack of market competitiveness, small profit margins, lack of user stickiness, and profit-taking through “MLM-style” operations have made it inevitable that the micro-business based on the circle of friends is only a dead end from the outset. .


It is inevitable that the “promising future” of the circle of friends and micro-businesses is inevitable. However, in the era of rapid development of e-commerce, the future of micro-businesses is beyond doubt. Right now, what the micro-enterprise lacks is a complete micro-business ecology.


Why is the derivative business so difficult?


At present, based on micro-channel micro-business, its development model is nothing more than three kinds: self-management, marketing training, and "MLM" circle of friends "tumor" micro-business. In addition to self-employed, the other two methods are completely the source of all evils that are misled by micro-business. Under the banner of WeChat, the temptation to cheat, the temptations of various interests are endless, the violence of the circle of friends is even more harassing than the personal harassment, and the lack of a sound trading system and trust mechanism has made the circle of friends and friends behave like streets. Many industry chaos have also made other micro-financers struggling.


The dividend period of the circle of friends has been exhausted. Many micro-commers are at the crossroads, and they do not know where to go. They are faced with the choice between life and death. Either die, or you have to think for yourself, what kind of way to exist in the future.


What is Micro Business Road?


If Taobao opened the era of online shopping for all people, then WeChat has opened the era of nationwide shop opening. WeChat makes it possible for businesses to become a possibility. Although micro-businesses have not been favored by the outside world, it cannot be denied that at present this is an extremely large group. With the further improvement of the micro-business ecology, this huge group will fully erupt and set off new ones. A wave of e-commerce boom.


The circle of friends and merchants is dead, only to jump out of the quagmire of friends and seek for a third party is the only way for the micro merchants. Compared with malicious marketing of friends and micro-businesses, third parties can provide businesses with complete closed-loop trading, through the introduction of platform traffic, as well as a sound credit system guarantee, which will bring complete integrated operational solutions for micro-businesses.


The cool partner micro-marketing system developed by Connected Online and the micro-selling CMS distribution platform will provide users with various functions such as free admission, multi-store management, multiple payment methods, and three-tier distribution systems, which will break through the micro-marketing bottleneck. Create a perfect "all-agent" micromarketing ecosystem.


Micro-business will not gradually enter the evening. In the future, micro-business will demonstrate its own unique attitude in a self-disciplined and standardized industry, following the business steps that are suitable for itself and effective.

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