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Cool partner: e-commerce, to play to play a little bigger

The highly developed Internet and the outbreak of social media era have made the Internet economy decentralized. At present, apart from platforms like Taobao and, everyone is eyeing a big cake that hasn’t been “divided and eaten”--WeChat Mall.


People are accustomed to think that the rise of new things is always accompanied by the decline and decline of traditional businesses, just as it is believed that e-commerce is inherently incompatible with traditional enterprises. However, the reality is that every time the old age is welcomed, people who are the first to familiarize themselves with and break the existing rules will receive the first wave of dividends, but the ones who have benefited the most from the reforms are often the backbones that come from behind.


With the rapid development of Internet e-commerce, online and offline impacts are increasing. Traditional enterprise transformation and even integration into e-commerce are being forced. With the advantages of resource integration such as channel layout, supply chain management, and logistics and distribution, traditional enterprises can become familiar with the Internet. E-commerce rules can burst huge energy.


However, when traditional companies want to develop from offline to online, they inevitably face some problems. For example, they do not understand online channels at all, but they are very eager to expand online channels in order to increase inventory or cash flow, but they do not know where to start; they have always believed that there is no professional e-commerce team, and even want to find a "talent" to make up for I am not familiar with the shortcomings of the e-commerce business process, but I cannot always find it. Therefore, we postpone the e-commerce plan from time to time; I do not know how to operate the e-commerce distribution and have no management experience. When I think of recruiting thousands of distributors, I don’t know how to manage it. The cost is too high.


Want to make efforts in O2O, if you can use the mobile Internet to open the online and offline ends, complete the online platform and marketing layout, reproduce its dominant position in the offline market. As a result, many traditional companies have chosen Cool Buddy, a relatively large company, to conduct self-management systems for WeChat marketing.


So, when you discovered that everyone should have recently discovered that the frequency of micro-business advertisers brushing ads is low, the reason can be summarized as the following three points:


1. He was blackened and was captured by WeChat. The world was quiet;


2, have their own stable team, customer groups, real customer service;


3. Use WeChat to find a distribution platform and rely on proper management of distribution to sell.


For enterprises, establishing a complete and widespread micro-distribution distribution system is the first step in achieving orderly distribution; the Cool-Partner Micro-business Platform helps technology companies and IT e-commerce operators offline to online and online. The rapid integration under the line enables operators to focus more efforts on team operations, product design and manufacturing processes, supply chain, brand quality, channel control, customer service experience, etc., so that competition can return to commercial nature and ultimately benefit consumers. .

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