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Cool partners: The same mindset, what to sell

Even though the micro- merchants were exposed by CCTV, shielded by friends, and carrying an embarrassing reputation, they were still full of confidence. It was determined that 2015 was the year when micro-business counterattacks rose. It is true that choosing to promote in acquaintance circles is more sensible, but promotion among acquaintances is only a solution to the problem of trust. This kind of word-of-mouth viral marketing is actually a small, broad-based approach.


WeChat staff once said frankly that WeChat is a large gold mine. It has been on-line for three years, accumulatively registering 1.12 billion users and being active monthly at 440 million yuan. The circle of friends is a platform for information sharing and originality. The total number of daily sharing is 3 billion. Cover high-quality users in the 20-29 age group.


In addition, some netizens have conducted surveys in their circle of friends. “WeChat official advertises in the circle of friends. Do you hate it?” The results of the survey are still rather unexpected, and the number of people who hate and hate holds a balance, each accounting for 50%. The unpleasant person's attitude is of course "I want to play well with WeChat, and I don't like business scraping." The reason why you don't hate is: if you do something that is very difficult, you can still learn. There are also people who say: This is a trend that cannot be stopped and it is accepted and used.


At the Tencent Global Partner Conference, WeChat announced that it would open up more interfaces to third parties. This means that the era of self-cultivation has ended and it has begun to embrace third parties and become open. This move directly stimulated the emergence of third-party service providers. Therefore, whether it is an enterprise-level micro-business or an individual micro-business, it is bound to become more and more, becoming the industry-led.


Since WeChat itself is only a social media platform, although it has been on the road to commercialization, WeChat has not yet established clear game rules and business models for the micro-business circle. For now, simply scraping screens to sell goods and recruit agents is no longer a correct practice. Micro- businessmen are gradually changing their thinking. More micro-businesses have chosen the WeChat marketing self-service platform, such as the Internet's cool partners.


The benefits of the WeChat marketing self-service platform are certainly obvious. Whether it is from management or marketing. Cool partner micro-marketing platform is based on WeChat aggregated traffic, enabling branches, employees, and regular customers to quickly open stores online, with multiple stores in one store, and fissile dissemination of goods and brands. From the technical level, it helps traditional companies and PC e-commerce operators offline to online, online to offline, etc., enabling operators to devote more energy to team operations, product design and manufacturing processes, supply chain, and brand quality. , channel control, customer service experience, etc., so that competition returns to the nature of business, and ultimately to benefit consumers.

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