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Cool partner: Don't let "micro-business" become a "micro-injury" in human relationships

The development of things in the era of the network is very fast. When we do not know when, "micro-business" accounts for the center of the big stage of the network. For a time, almost nowhere in our online life is there a shadow of micro-business. Especially in WeChat's circle of friends, people have changed from past food and sun spots to selling goods, from facial masks and cosmetics to clothes and shoes, from bracelets to wenwan walnuts to jewellery and luxury goods. Not included. In addition to resuming their screens with little rest, the "microblogging business" will continue to bombard friends with various real and fake success stories. Regarding this, some people have expressed harassment and "microblogging" has become a "micro-injury" in human relationships.


The primary reason is that some "microblogging" products publish a large amount of merchandise news, occupying most of the contents of WeChat users' circle of friends. In other words, when you open a circle of friends, you will see almost all the information of a certain "microblogging" friend's product, and other content is almost invisible. This will naturally arouse the disgust of friends.


Second is that some "microblogging" will continue to push product messages to friends. Although "microblogging" people use mass production, they do not have a special purchase requirement for a person. However, people who receive information will feel that this is a one-to-one exchange because there are friends who don't buy one or two things. If things go wrong on the surface, it will eventually happen. Even some people insist on not buying, but there is a feeling of being indebted to a friend. At the end of the day, the feeling of being indebted is attributed to the strong buying and selling of friends, which in turn causes resentment to friends. That is to say, people who bought things may feel unhappy because they are not willing to be willing, and those who do not buy things are resentful because of their imaginary blame. The result is unpleasant.


We cannot but admit that the quality of the products of the "microblogging" users in WeChat's friends circle is not always very strong. Once a problem arises, the buyers can hardly obtain after-sale protection. This is one reason why people do not like "microblogging."


How do you change the status of "microblogging"?


The cool partner micro-marketing platform, which is part of the Connected Online, is the first to promote the concept of custom functions and to comply with user-friendly custom management functions. In 5 minutes, the connection between Cool Buddy Self-service Micromarketing System and WeChat Public Platform Interface can be completed and the microsite can be opened. The configuration of Cool Buddy Self-service Micromarketing System can be completed in 10 minutes without any programming technology. Save development costs, break through the micro-marketing bottleneck, and realize the popularity of WeChat payment. Built-in more than 100 applications to meet the marketing needs of enterprises, to provide customers with new multi-store management, a variety of payment methods, three-tier distribution system, multi-industry templates, fun interactive games and other functional experience.


In fact, no matter how "microblogging" develops, all businesses should return to the fundamentals of business and return to goods and services. The more word-of-mouth period, the more everyone can sell, the more goods and services determine everything. Cool partner tells you: The more slowly it accumulates, the more it cannot be poked. Although other people have managed to gain profits from fishy fish, they will be eliminated sooner or later.

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