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Connected online: tell you what is the passion of the team

In the post-80s and post-90s, it has gradually become the mainstream of the “Internet+” era. It is much more difficult to inspire and manage knowledge workers and inspire innovative ideas than to manage work on the assembly line. This is an unquestionable fact.


A lot of practical experience and research results tell us that if we only give a few dollars more, there is simply no way to mobilize the enthusiasm of current employees. Can you imagine that an employee who is disappointed with the team is determined to resign and boss can retain him with a high salary? One person is bored with the existing environment and will not waver in the face of further benefits. Human passions are not money that can be mobilized. Similarly, prestige and leadership are not established by instruction. Beyond money, friendship, trust, and common sense of responsibility and honor are all important.


Li Zhengwang, vice president of Connected Online, once stated: “In the era of mobile Internet, it is more difficult to motivate team management than any generation of employees, employees and employees. Why do you say this? In the process of the transformation of many enterprises into the Internet, the enterprise management Uncontrollable factors--incentives have undergone fundamental changes in their nature. Older incentives such as higher wages are no longer as effective. Instead, they are recognized by the workers' hearts, different ideas, and constantly seek higher levels. aims."


Perhaps in the future, the annual salary system and the employment of professional managers will no longer be able to keep up with the talents. The partnership is made into a mainstream approach. Workers hope to gain independence in their jobs and hope to use their talents in the work they choose. Get passion, recognition and career at work.


The biggest challenge for the company's future lies in the ability to create a work environment that employees are willing to devote themselves fully to, so as to inspire employees to discover their greatest potential. In the Internet era, new passions are driven by autonomy, sense of mission, and longing, not by how much your salary is. This also explains why some people gave up their originally high-paid positions and instead accepted a job with a low income but a stronger sense of mission. Therefore, companies must inspire greater team creativity and must upgrade the driving force of the team. The core of this new system is autonomy, specialization, and purpose.


Based on this, Connected Online vigorously carries out talent management upgrades and accommodates various creative thinking of the team with great openness to create an open growth environment for the team so that everyone can become a value creator and make everyone valuable. jobs. Lighting up the passion of the team and enhancing each partner's value-creation ability and vitality is an important factor in the growth of the Internet industry.

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