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What do O2O startups need more?

The hot tide of O2O cannot be conceived by people. It is like the world declares its "unpredictable." Nowadays, O2O is everywhere in the blink of an eye, such as a special car, a takeaway, a home beauty, etc. O2O is ubiquitous.


What hurried O2O? Is the Internet or consumption upgrade? Perhaps the consumer upgrade will get more people's approval. The consumption upgrade is that people focus more on the spiritual and cultural life, and pay attention to the improvement of the quality of personal life. This is the contradiction between the higher quality requirements put forward by the people and the low quality of the consumption provided by the current market. Why is home cooking popular? In addition to users busy with other things that take care of the kitchen, there are also people who enjoy the experience of enjoying chef-level meals at home. The reason why the special car is favored by more and more people is not because it is the Internet to increase the fortune of the car, but because it is more comfortable than the taxi, and the service is more attentive.


What role does the Internet play in this tide? The convenience brought by the Internet belongs to the upgrade part of the consumption upgrade. It is the result rather than the inducement. The ultimate success of O2O is not because of its "Internet+" model, but because it provides better products or services than traditional suppliers. Conversely, those traditional enterprises on the sunset in Xishan have questioned the positive role of the Internet and cannot understand the value of “artisan spirit” so as to miss the opportunity for enterprises to inject new vitality. The real demand of consumers is better products and services, not the Internet.


The current business model and product and service innovation are dazzling, and the traditional consumption will be upgraded to individualized consumption. The process will be short-lived. Consumers will eventually return to the essence of business, that is, choose high-quality, low-price products or services. . Information exchange in the Internet era makes it easier for cost-effective goods or services to be discovered.


For most entrepreneurial O2O companies, more energy should be placed on the pursuit of high-quality services. Therefore, the selection of a professional platform is indispensable, and more resources will be directly invested in providing services to end customers. This model is more in line with the essential needs of "consumer upgrades" and it is easier to build its own brand. The online cloud platform, good site, cool partner and so on can all provide perfect integrated solutions.


Things on the Internet still have to be handed over to professional Internet companies. The most rational choice for start-up companies is to maximize the service, cater to people's consumer demand, and access platforms for marketing.

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