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With the rapid development of the mobile Internet and the rapid development of people's daily lives, daily life is becoming more and more convenient, and more and more consumers are beginning to favor Internet + consumption. O2O on-site service model came into being and gradually became the new favorite of Internet users. China's O2O home service model has entered a period of rapid growth, and its rapid development has dominated the Internet market.


Call it a home service, a lazy economy, and in the end, this thoughtful form of service has already shined in the mobile Internet era. Only in the year of 2014, O2O, the home-grown service that sparked the spark of the star, sprang up quickly after Prime Minister Li Keqiang proposed the “Internet Plus” strategy in March this year, and it has reached a peak in the near future.


Once on-site service emerged, it was greatly welcomed by consumers. Consumers no longer have to go to beauty salons, dry cleaners, and place orders directly through the Internet, and companies send people's services quickly to designated locations. Even if there is a problem with a mobile phone or a computer, you can easily solve the problem through the O2O on-site service model. There will be someone who comes to the consumer's home for repairs, and you can also provide people with dating, security and other services so that people can find friends and no longer Feeling lonely, but also enhance the safety of consumption, O2O on-site service and living closer together.


Mobile Internet is not just a librarian who liberates on-site services, but also countless opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation. Premier Li Keqiang vigorously promotes “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, which can both increase employment and increase residents’ income. The Internet industry, especially those with high technology content, the government will strongly support its development. The government encourages and supports entrepreneurship.


Today, O2O's on-site service involves more and more projects, and its development model has become increasingly mature. This is not only because of its business model, but also benefits from the underlying capital operation model. Many internet companies are just looking at the broad market prospects of O2O on-site service, so they have invested in the layout. Internet projects such as Internet-connected sites, US group takeaways, and 58 homes are favored by many investors.


All in all, O2O's on-site service model caters well to the needs of the times, not only providing convenience for people in terms of products, services, and emotions, but also injecting a steady stream of momentum into the Internet. You can't believe O2O. You don't believe everything can come to your door, but you should trust Ma. He said, "The world is created by lazy people," as long as you can "think lazy way" and "lazy out of style, lazy out of the realm," the world is yours!

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