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Interconnect Online Zhou Ming: Mobile Internet Enterprise Market is a God-given Business


For the mobile Internet industry, 2015 is a significant year. Accompanied by the "Internet +" concept of in-depth popularization, as well as "mass entrepreneurship, innovation," the government encourages, the entire mobile Internet industry has shown blowout-style development. For China’s mobile internet companies, they are facing unprecedented pressures and challenges while also meeting the golden opportunity.


Under the impetus of the mobile internet, Zhou Ming, the Internet-connected CEO, stepped forward with confidence for the third time. The three entrepreneurial roads allowed him to accumulate and enrich operating experience while also having more in-depth observations and reflections on different business models. Focusing on the cause of mobile internet is because Zhou Ming believes that this is a destiny cause.


The metaphysical person says that


What is the road? The road is heavenly, authentic, and humanitarian. For enterprises, it is a spirit, a belief, and a pursuit. It is the foundation of a business. As early as the founding of the company, Zhou Ming stated: "Mobile Internet companies should have clear logic. They should understand the sensibility of the times for technology, understand the significance of mobile technology for business transformation, and understand the industry's right and wrong, that is, the way to understand the industry. ”


What is a device? For enterprises, devices are products. Zhou Ming believes that companies' channels and devices are indispensable. There is no means but there is nothing, it is tantamount to talking on paper, everything ends up in empty talk; there are devices and no way, such as inducing customers through improper means to obtain the market, etc. Even if the company can survive for a short time, it will soon be abandoned by the market. The device is born of the Tao and complements each other.


"In addition to the roads and devices, I also want to add that technology that is meant to be used by people in the middle of the world. Techniques are essential for the perfect integration of roads and devices." Zhou Mingru said, "Dao is the soul of the enterprise and the device is the life of the enterprise." And our technology development team is the 'technique' of interconnected online technology. It has an important influence on the vitality of mobile Internet companies."


The change of the premise and the change of the pretext


“As the fickleness of the world, industries and markets are changing all the time. All those who have achieved success have never been smooth sailing. On the road to success, we must grasp market trends, industry trends, and be good at Only by adapting and improving themselves can we stand out.” Zhou Ming admitted frankly that it was precisely because he was able to seize the changes in the industry and “disclosure it”. It was only online companies that dared to jump from the payment company with annual sales of up to 20 billion yuan to get involved in the O2O industry.


In the "Cut and cut it" in the change, in the effective "push" and find. Facts have proven that it is wise for Internet companies to grasp the changes in the market in a timely manner and to get involved in the mobile Internet enterprise market. As the head of the company, Zhou Ming seized market opportunities and pushed them forward, setting up the headquarters of the Internet-connected operations in Hangzhou, the capital of China's e-commerce, and fully prepared for the development of the regional market in East China. It is not difficult to predict that the coverage of the Internet will become wider and wider in the near future.


"The poor then changes, the changes pass, and the general leads to the world. This is my attitude toward the mobile Internet industry and is the motto of the Internet." said Zhou Ming.


The people who take measures and treat the world


“Alibaba provided a platform to solve the problem of information docking for small and medium-sized enterprises and was rewarded by small and medium-sized enterprises. Tencent provided convenient communication tools and gained public recognition. These are great undertakings and are destinies.” And BAT and other giants, Zhou Ming did not hide the praise.


Zhou Ming is full of confidence in the mobile Internet enterprise market. Connected Online has developed with the "mobile Internet+" combined with traditional businesses as its core, achieving remarkable success. It has won wide acclaim from all walks of life and has been favored by the capital market. For Zhou Ming, this is tantamount to the best encouragement and recognition for him, and it is also a powerful force to promote Internet connectivity.


"In the mobile internet field, we are not only optimizing the traditional business model. What is more important is that we need to be grateful to contribute to the industry and to the industrial chain so as to bring value to society and humanity. We must get social rewards before we can succeed. Only in depth will we be able to last.” This is Zhou Ming’s interpretation of the fate of heaven.

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