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Good site to tell you, O2O what service is a ghost

In recent years, the on-site O2O service boom has escalated, and has constantly changed the traditional service industry. We are feeling the convenience brought by O2O's on-site service and we are also sighing with its magic power. So, what is the ghost of O2O on-site service? How can we change the industry model in the short term?


O2O Onsite Service


The rise of O2O on-site service is different from that of the first-generation service industry O2O. It is a direct access to the transaction link, shortening of the service chain and redistribution of benefits. The first-generation service industry, O2O, is to achieve information-level connectivity. Users obtain information on the location, contact information, price, and service quality of service providers or stores.


The O2O industry is a trillion market, and a considerable part of the future growth will come from O2O on-site service. In addition to mobile Internet trading opportunities, entrepreneurs will have a historic opportunity for Chinese consumers to upgrade.


The so-called consumption upgrade is nothing more than the reorganization of consumer's lifestyle components. People pay more attention to the spiritual and cultural life than in the past, and pay more attention to the consumption experience. For example, in the past, products were affordable, and now they pay more attention to branded products. In the past, they only sought clothing, but now they are more concerned with fashion and collocation.


What does O2O on-site service change?


1. On the one hand, O2O onsite service has transformed the supply methods and experience scenarios of many services, adapted to lazy economy, brought service providers to users, and made the shortened service chain more comfortable. The user can place an order online and be guaranteed by the platform. After the transaction is completed, the merchant can receive the payment.


2, on the other hand, is the control of the user's attention: after access to the online portal, it is necessary to focus on the actual attention of the line, that is, the user's space and time for contention, where the user needs me to appear where. This supports the follow-up value mining of on-site services for users: horizontally broadening service categories, collaborating with products in services, or paying attention to users for cross-industry cooperation.


3. The on-site service disrupts the cost structure and the distribution of benefits of the existing service stores, freeing up the time and space for the restricted work of craftsmen, and increasing the income of the personnel or craftsmen providing services. The "Good Site - Onsite Service Around You" launched by the Internet will provide the perfect solution for this.


The future of O2O on-site service


O2O on-site service will become the development trend of many service industries. In the future, it is not hard to imagine that personalized matching services will eventually be realized, such as helping users find the most suitable service, maximizing the efficiency and time for the exchange of time and value of service supply and demand, and further reducing the uncertain idle time of service providers. .

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