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Connected Online: Running on the Road to "Popular Entrepreneurship and Innovation"

Recently, Premier Li Keqiang visited the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhongguancun Pioneering Street in Beijing. He emphasized that the promotion of popular entrepreneurship and innovation is a major reform initiative that fully stimulates the wisdom and creativity of hundreds of millions of people. It is necessary to make entrepreneurial innovation a trend of the times and bring together powerful new dynamics in economic and social development.


The reason why the promotion of "mass entrepreneurship, innovation," on the one hand the weakening of the international market demand, the quality of the product itself, technical content and the use of efficiency requirements increase, the traditional product of international competition to further increase the pressure; the other hand, the downward pressure on the domestic economy is still Increase, the domestic market demand needs further development. All of this must inevitably increase the momentum and vitality of comprehensively deepening reform through "mass entrepreneurship and innovation."


One of the key projects of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" is to promote the "Internetization" of various industries. Informatization is an outstanding feature of the modern era. The Internet has become an important part of people’s production and life. This inevitably requires that all industries must adapt to the “internetization” requirements of the times, and require all industries to actively and extensively. Deeply integrates with the Internet to create more and more economic and social value in the development of "internetization."


Nowadays, with the transformation of the country, the transformation of the economy, and the transformation of the market, all this means that the days when companies rely on the traditional growth model of large-scale production and large-scale sales to obtain demographic dividends will be difficult to sustain. The rapid development of mobile Internet technology has overturned information asymmetry and brought about a free link between people and information. This means that all profit models relying on information asymmetry will instantly collapse.


Whether it is now or in the future, more than 400 million more than 80 and 90 are absolutely the main consumers of the market. They are naturally close to the Internet, and especially after 90, they are even the natives of the Internet. If the company has nothing to do with the Internet, it means that it has nothing to do with more than 400 million in the 80s and 90s. When they have nothing to do with the business, the big market of 400 million people has nothing to do with the company.


Earlier, a number of highly-predictive and innovative Internet companies, such as Connected Online, have already grasped market trends and are quick to make a transition. In today's increasingly fierce market competition, it is even more effective. Connected with the Internet to meet the new needs of economic and social development, immediately launched a good site O2O on-site service platform.


Just as Premier Li Keqiang said: “The “Internet +” action plan has been formulated to promote the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things with modern manufacturing industries.” What Interconnect Online is doing is promoting traditional industries to achieve industrial upgrading. cause.

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