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Connected online: Brain hole opened, Fun O2O

During the two sessions in 2015, the "Internet Plus" was in full swing. Premier Li Keqiang first mentioned in his government work report that "it takes the Internet as the carrier, and the emerging consumer online and offline interactions are booming." At the same time, the Prime Minister highly praised the development of the Internet. He believes that the O2O interaction under the Internet is creating vitality and more space. He said that taking advantage of the “Internet +” turmoil will allow China’s economy to fly. It is not difficult to see that the Prime Minister attaches great importance to the Internet industry, especially the emerging field of O2O.


With the encouragement and promotion of the national government, O2O has been getting more and more fired, and more and more giants have also rushed into the big market of O2O. O2O is actually a fusion of a traditional industry and the mobile Internet. “Internet+” involves all walks of life. More and more companies are leveraging the Internet, and O2O online and offline interactive consumption is heating up. In such a prosperous market, let us also boldly imagine the space and opportunities for greater development of O2O.


O2O Onsite Service


With the continuous improvement of the O2O market, the real O2O is no longer a simple online and offline interconnection, but provides customized personalized services, so as to reflect the value of O2O on-site service. Such as professional home manicure, beauty, massage, medical and so on. At the same time, O2O is also very focused on experience. If some services cannot be provided within a short period of time, there will be no value, and anyone will not be willing to wait for several hours for haircuts. Therefore, the re-experienced O2O can only be within a limited geographical space. If this is done, then the value of the community O2O will be greater, so that the exclusive re-experienced service model is the standard of the O2O model. In the large and complex O2O field, platformization is an inevitable trend. The good site of Interconnection Online is a platform-based O2O on-site service platform. In addition to being able to provide a one-stop service for users with a simple and clear entrance, which saves a lot of time, there is an important advantage that standardization services can be implemented as much as possible.


Transnational O2O


Now, some European and American products and services are very popular among Chinese consumers, such as medical care, education, and technology. After a consumer visits a website, they can learn about the most famous experts in medical care, education, and technical teams in Europe and America. If you want to To visit a doctor or study, this website will send you directly to the hospital or school you want to go to. Even if you don't need to go to Europe and the United States, let the experts go directly to China to complete the treatment and teaching for you. This is an O2O model that is worth looking forward to. It is understood that many Chinese people nowadays have access to medical services in western countries such as Europe and America. The procedures are very tedious. When cross-border O2O comes, all this will become very simple.


Shopping O2O


Foreign milk powder, luxury goods have always been young people like to buy goods, in the purchasing O2O this model is no longer a platform for all e-commerce, but online extension of the ground store, consumers only need to issue a directive, say good to buy goods The requirements of the style, price range, etc., around the electricity supplier will help us to buy and serve.


Therefore, the reform has only just begun. O2O's opportunities are everywhere. With the continuous emergence of new technologies, O2O's development trend and space will grow.

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