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Good site: too lazy to be so unscrupulous

If we say that the past decade was the subversion of the traditional retail industry by the Internet, then the mobile Internet will also subvert traditional services in the next decade. With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, O2O on-site service is becoming another outlet after group purchase and taxiing. While continuing to infiltrate and transform various markets for segmented living services, it has also begun to redefine “lazy life”.


Enjoy home service, "lazy" out of quality of life


Deeply influenced by the “lazy culture”, otaku nerds are now becoming more and more professional in terms of “lazy” living standards at home. With such high standards, O2O on-site service has already penetrated the lazy people's daily life. Next, let us walk into the day of lazy people.


Ms. Zhang, a white-collar worker from Beijing, had “home” for a day at home. What she did on this day was to place an order through a good site, make appointments for the services she needed, and pay online. Then she waited for the service to come to her home, just as she waited for delivery of goods.


At 9:00 in the morning, Auntie Baojie went to the door and after 2 hours of cleaning, she cleaned and kept Miss Zhang's home clean and immaculate;


At 1pm, the stylist went to her office to create French manicures and fashion makeup in accordance with her requirements.


At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the chefs come to the door to cook the entire table for dinner according to the family's tastes. They also clean the stoves and take the kitchen waste down the stairs.


Enjoy on-site service, "lazy people" savior


Do not want to clean the health, but also want to love clean? Lying in bed, want to take something? Do not want to cook, do not want to go out to eat ... ... modern life has spawned a lot of living lazy people, their demands are always unreasonable, but they are beginning to be realized step by step. However, nowadays, "lazy people" are forced more by the fast-paced lifestyle. After work, they hope to use "lazy" in exchange for more time to study, rest, exercise, socialize, etc.


In fact, in life, everyone has fantasized about the life of “clothes to reach out and food to open mouth”, that is, there is food to eat when they are hungry, people wash clothes when they are dirty, and people massage when tired. Now these are no longer dreams, come to the door to cook, go to the door to nail, go to the massage, come to the car wash ... Internet's online launch of "good site - around your door!", is based on individual users, gathering all around On-site service business O2O on-site service platform. Having a good site, "lazy people" can be "lazy" even more unscrupulous.


Since 2014, O2O entrepreneurship has been in an explosive phase. During the two sessions of this year, Li Keqiang proposed that "the Internet as a carrier, and the emerging consumption of online and offline interactions is booming," making the Internet + concept quickly became popular. According to the report released by China Internet Network Information Center, as of the end of 2014, the number of mobile Internet users in China reached 557 million, and the annual growth of mobile phone online shopping, mobile payment, and mobile banking users reached 63.5%, 73.2%, and 69.2%, respectively. The increasing number of mobile payment scenarios will open up a huge O2O market, and the on-site service is booming in this context.

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