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Connected online cloud platform to help chain companies micro-marketing "chain" up

The rapid rise of mobile Internet in recent years has made micro-marketing the mainstream of the times. Especially in the past 2013, there are too many successful examples to prove the advantages of micro-marketing.


From the end of 2012 "Taiwan" to the beginning of 2013, "Little Times" social marketing, from Coca-Cola bottle to "crazy guess map", "Baidu magic map" and "Magic diffuse camera" to share, from the service of China Southern Airlines WeChat The word of “Where is Daddy?” is definitely not thinking of users and companies demonstrating the power of micro-marketing.


However, the exception is that the effectiveness of micromarketing is not ideal in chain companies. Most micromarketers of chain stores eventually become ordinary information publishing platforms. The small number of fans, low forwarding volume and poor interaction have always plagued chain companies.


The reason for this result is that in addition to the traditional thinking mode that most online chain executives Li Zhengwang pointed out: “Most of the chain companies only understand micromarketing as a notification method”, the main reason is the characteristics of the chain companies themselves. related. Large-scale, wide-ranging, difficult management, many storefronts, different sizes, scattered funds, and other factors have all constrained the pace of micromarketing of chain companies in the era of mobile Internet.


In response to this, the first branded provider of mobile internet big data cloud platform chain companies, Interconnect Online, has developed a set of complete, effective and convenient one-stop service solutions to help chain companies, focusing on the characteristics of the chain companies. The micro-marketing really "chains" together to build a privately-owned O2O closed-loop industrial chain belonging to the chain companies themselves.


Cloud platform and big data are one of the most important parts of the program. For the characteristics of the chain companies, the connected online cloud platform integrates PC, mobile, web, and WeChat and many other types and needs. The platform and one-stop development and management methods save development costs while alleviating business pressure. For large-scale, wide-ranging and multi-storey chain companies, multi-platforms undoubtedly allow greater space for promotion. Users also have more ways and channels to reach out to chain companies, and even a two-dimensional code scan can directly become a new marketing channel.


 With the coordination of the cloud platform, multiple storefront member points were opened and even multiple industry members were able to open points, which fundamentally solved the problem of difficult management, even through membership points, multiple chain companies in the same industry or different industries. A chain of companies realizes sharing, leveraging the advantages of the cloud platform and their respective audiences to form an effective geometric multi-level spread.

In addition, the big data brought by the cloud platform can provide chain companies with very valuable, real and effective reference standards. Previously, the evaluation of a certain store or region in the chain industry was often based on the experience and feelings of the practitioners or the data provided by the consulting survey company. It was not based on comprehensive three-dimensional big data. There is no standard. But with the help of big data provided by the online online cloud platform, consumers can be subdivided into age levels, consumption levels, consumption habits, etc., and even analysis of estimated consumer traits can be used to allow companies to make accurate and effective marketing plans. And plans to form a cost-effective marketing case.
But this is only a true "chain" of traditional chain companies on the mobile Internet. When it comes to micromarketing, the core part is "marketing," and "micro" is just a means.
 Then, with the cloud platform and big data provided by the connected online, the chain companies can use the online online platform to customize their own personalized cloud platform according to the analysis of big data, such as according to a certain storefront. The consumption habits, preferences and interested content of the surrounding population are combined with their own products to conduct WeChat push, initiate spontaneous sharing and forwarding by users, and form an effective word-of-mouth communication; for example, according to people’s consumption level and content at a certain stage, they combine their own The marketing plan carries out the push of SMS for different groups of people, different personalities, and different levels of consumption to form accurate marketing. For example, according to the user's consumer personality, it predicts consumer content, enters the marketing stage or preparation stage in advance, and then uses the cloud platform to form a concentration on users. Impact, turning potential users into actual users. This is the charm of the “micro-marketing” of the online online cloud platform.
The micro-marketing that online cloud platform brings to chain companies is to make chain companies online and offline at the same time, complement each other, and turn every user into their own mobile customers.
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