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Good site: O2O is playing with life circle scenes and big data

In 2015, with the support of favorable policy and investment, it is an indisputable fact that the O2O field has ushered in explosive growth. In the sub-sectors of O2O services such as nail care, laundry, community, express delivery, housekeeping, car use, and meal ordering, new and emerging companies such as e-bag washing, hungry, 58 home delivery, express delivery for everyone, and taxis have emerged.


Speaking of O2O, we have to mention Wanda’s O2O model. It is different from O2O transformation of Alibaba or a brand merchant. What Wanda wants is to establish a sub-platform ecology based on LBS and its own physical resources. It does not depend on the traditional online. The intermediary platform is itself a platform. To put it bluntly, it is to allow users to be willing to spend in Wanda's business entities, but also to come often.


For Wanda, Wanda Plaza, Wanda Cinema, Wanda Hotel, and Wanda Resort are the platforms themselves. It itself represents a lifestyle and lifestyle, and through the Internet, the consumer scenes of these lifestyles can be linked together to establish marketing. A huge offline entrance and real-time interaction with consumers for personalization and precision.


Instead of Wanda opening up a real O2O era, it would be better to say that Wanda's e-commerce strategy illustrates O2O's gameplay, not simply technology applications, but fully tapping the value of consumers' lives and life scenes. Therefore, in the future, who can occupy the entrance to the living circle and obtain big data on the scene of consumer life, and combine big data with consumer scenes again to achieve closed-loop, who will be able to become the leader in the new wave of O2O Internet.


As a company focused on the mobile Internet enterprise-class market, Interconnect Online has 13 years of experience in enterprise-class market services, and has sufficient insight and judgment on the mobile Internet enterprise-class market, and has accumulated a huge corporate user market. The "Good Site - Your Door-to-door Service!" launched by Interconnect Online is based on individual users and brings together O2O's on-site service platform for all on-site service businesses. One part of the service business is based on the merchants on the connected online O2O cloud platform; the other part of the onsite service business “good site” team has integrated large businesses, small and medium businesses, and individual businesses to jointly provide door-to-door business and serve individual users. The type of service includes all aspects of life.


Many companies are thinking about how they can find the best entrance to the consumer life cycle, and naturally enter the consumer's consumer behavior scene, and at the same time, use these consumption scenarios to achieve accurate marketing. "Good Sites" uses powerful technology backends and big data platforms to help companies transform the Internet and big data related to consumption scenarios.

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