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Good site - coming for "lazy"

Some people say that people are lazy to social progress, people are too lazy to walk, too lazy to wash their clothes, too lazy to count, so there are cars, washing machines, calculators... From some angles, maybe we can give some reason for “lazy”--for example, People who have great dreams do not want to spend time on trivial things. So they have a variety of inventions. This is to make our lives more comfortable or to increase efficiency. Yes, we live in a lazy invented world.


The Internet has brought us so close to the world and others. Mobile Internet and smart phones have greatly liberated our shackles and released more business opportunities and possibilities. The seemingly professional vocabulary of O2O actually contains fresh, enormous energy. It connects the bit world and the atomic world. Following the more traditional online payment of users, and then offline to the store to enjoy the service model, the new generation of O2O will take the service closer and provide on-site service. The entire O2O is completed at home, allowing today’s lazy people to stay out of the house. Enjoy the service. This can be said to be lazy, or that people feel that time is getting more and more useless, and that external forces are needed to deal with life affairs.


How do lazy people "sit and enjoy it?" Do not want to do their own cleaning, "aunt to help" the housekeeping services to clean; dirty clothes curtains do not want to wash, "e bag wash" wash; computer TV does not want to move bad, "easy maintenance" to repair; weekend party to eat The meal does not want hands, "love chefs" come to the chef; want to comfortably lying at home to do nail art, "Beaver family" came ... ... countless services due to "lazy", at the fingertips of people shuttled in life The popularity is also being accepted by more and more people. According to the survey, 76% of the 20,000 interviewees admitted that they are not hard-working people. They are willing to try out various community O2O services such as cosmetology, massage, laundry and home delivery. At the same time, O2O is gradually maturing, O2O has begun to move from simple and crude to humanity, and the lazy economy that requires on-site service has gradually emerged.


Now that the problem has arisen, the business opportunities generated by laziness are elated. How do you use a tool to grasp these "laziness"? The O2O on-site service platform, which is well-established on the Internet, is undoubtedly the perfect choice for entrepreneurs. A good site is centered on individual users and gathers all business information that can provide on-site services. Not only can bring convenient service enjoyment for consumers, but also help businesses increase profits.


In modern life, there are so many busy people. People who are busy and "lazy" will also increase. In the future, it can be foreseen that the lifestyle of making people “lazy” is colorful, and O2O will have a wide range of coverage and depth of life.

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