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Connected online: traditional businesses, and cherish and cherish

Since the "Internet Plus" was put forward at the two sessions, Baidu has searched more than 50 million related news items and searched for more web pages. "Internet +" has been completely fired, and as this concept is adopted as the country's future development strategy and incorporated into the national top-level design, "Internet +" will be known to children and children.


Before the “Internet Plus” was mentioned, the Internet finance, Internet medical care, and Internet education have actually developed to varying degrees. The exploration of the business model of the Internet+traditional industries has already begun in various industries, such as the Suning and Gome Internet. Transformation, SF Express made SF Fresh Food E-commerce and so on. The ideological trend proposed by the industry, the government will upgrade it to a national policy, this is the sign of the era of the entire industry upgrading and transformation.


Internet of Things, mobile Internet, smart hardware, big data, etc. have promoted the concept of “Internet Plus”. The meaning of "Internet Plus" is the Internetization of enterprises, which means changes in business models, which will lead to upgrading and transformation of the entire industry. Not only is the government strongly admiring, but companies across the country will also rely on this slogan. At the same time, the industries connected to the Internet developed by local governments have also gradually emerged. For example, the big data industry chain in Guiyang has attracted many multinational corporations to settle in Guiyang. It can be said that the current trend and the future development trend is "Internet +."


The ultimate goal of the "Internet Plus" is to promote the upgrading of the entire industry and thus promote social upgrading. For traditional enterprises, whether it is technology, talent, or institutional and operational management, are very different from Internet companies. In particular, some deep-seated institutional problems are more difficult to resolve through simple structural adjustments. As a result, traditional enterprises must learn to lower their stance and force corporate transformation through the Internet model. With Internet as the dominant force, we can keep up with the "Internet +" footsteps.


Traditional enterprises want to make preparations for transformation and must make changes in the cost structure and value chain. The essence of transformation is to increase user satisfaction and word of mouth. Most of the transformations are false. Internet thinking is not the spread of the Internet. Instead, it is a disruptive innovation of the enterprise. It instills fresh Internet blood for enterprises and enables companies to have their own blood-generating Internet genes. General traditional enterprises do not have the technical preparation for transition. Most companies think in the direction of their lifeline. They do not have the courage to transform their determination, and only slowly die.


As the leading O2O enterprise in China, Connected Online focuses on the mobile Internet. With the power of “Internet Plus,” Internet Connect will help traditional companies to integrate industry and upstream and downstream resources, and increase market share through branding and chain marketing. At the same time, the connected online big data cloud platform brings together businesses and consumers in the industry, helping companies to achieve virtual entity access, accurate information push, differentiated targeted marketing, and increase marketing efficiency, by increasing platform traffic, conversion rates, and Sub-purchase rate, activity, etc., to enhance corporate valuation, build industry brands.


To borrow a recent saying that is very hot: "Whatever industry you engage in, if you think that your industry has nothing to do with the Internet, in another year or two this industry has nothing to do with you," the traditional industry, and cherish!

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