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Internet "push" Iron Army to Hangzhou

In recent years, more and more O2O websites have sprung up, starting with the 2010 O2O site of local groups such as the U.S. Mission and the Demi, and later the retail e-commerce O2O, and now blooming everywhere. The O2O industry, such as nail care and massage, has become a hot topic in the O2O industry.


Under the current highly competitive Internet environment, the bottleneck for the development of Internet companies is how to achieve market share. Whether it is a traditional e-commerce or an emerging O2O enterprise, whoever can seize market share and have the largest number of most active user groups will be the winner.


For O2O companies, the core competitiveness lies in technology and sales. The key to winning is to enhance the user's product experience. The online link relies on the user experience optimization of the product technology team to improve the operation experience and payment experience such as web/app. The offline link needs to rely on the merchant operations of the sales team, and it needs a strong sales team to push it to make the business land.


O2O's biggest feature is to complete the perfect closed-loop consumption under the online payment line, the offline consumer experience is its final product form. What users are most concerned about is the brand selection and offline service content of the business. Through a street sweep, a store and a partnership, the sales team quickly covered all corners of the business district in order to quickly win the target cooperative merchants.


“Dumping” has already existed since the Internet industry began to flourish in the country. Since the “Legend” was promoted by Shanda in 2002, “Dumping” has started from the online gaming industry and slowly reached its peak. The “Push” team aims to develop “ground business” for enterprises at the fastest speed and help enterprises to open up the situation. As the breakthrough point of O2O's corporate breakthrough bottleneck, the “push-to-force” team can be said to be hard work for the enterprise!


As a well-known O2O company in China, Internet-based Internet is based on the "Internet +" strategic layout and will soon be stationed in "China's e-commerce capital" - Hangzhou. The online “push” team, which has been hailed as an “iron army” in the industry, will also move to Qiantang. This excellent “push” team has been active in Shenzhen before and brought a large market share to Shenzhen Online. Relying on the professionalism of the site O2O on-site service platform and the perfect customer experience, the online “push” Tiejun will once again make efforts to establish Hangzhou as a model city for domestic O2O on-site service.