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Good site: Severe vertical O2O is the future

We live in an era of faster and faster, fingertips inadvertently brush on mobile phones and mobile devices, a day passed. People spend more and more time on mobile phones and mobile devices every day. Relatively speaking, they do not spend more time on PCs. The change in the distribution of consumer time has led to the emergence of a demand and supply of rapid match between personalization and personalization in the service industry in the mobile era.


As a result, O2O on-site service emerged. O2O has created a lot of new service models. To a large extent, O2O has changed or even subverted offline service methods in order to better meet the needs of people's living standards.


O2O on-site service can be seen as a more reasonable way to allocate social resources and use social resources. The problem he solves is more like how to sell a certain professional ability to another person who needs it. For many craftsmen, it is a great opportunity to “liberate productivity and develop productivity”.


The O2O on-site service platform of the Internet, which is a well-established site, is a platform for emancipating skilled workers. All businesses that pass the screening and certification are concentrated on a good site. Users can enjoy various services by simply having a good site. You want to go for a massage, you want a manicure, you want to cook, you want to clean... all of this can be done. The world is so big that you can see and enjoy it without going out.


Of the most successful O2O models we have seen, if the innovation model emerged in this vertical industry, it was because they found the pain points that users in the offline service industry have but not necessarily solved. O2O is a person-to-person service, and there are similar pain points between people. Therefore, understanding the line deep enough, it is more likely to find the user's pain points, and with their own accumulated resources and new tools to be combined to transform into an innovative business model. For example, e-commerce, they are people who understand the offline retail, they use the Internet to solve the original retail industry can not solve the pain points, such as home delivery.


In most vertical industries, O2O, offline is more important than online. Therefore, it is still like a traditional industry for a period of time. It is a traditional industry that has changed its service mode. O2O entrepreneurship needs to be highly vertical in an industry and fundamentally solve the industry's pain points.


The increase in living standards and sustainable income has led to a significant increase in user demand for the service industry, which is also the biggest driver of the service industry O2O. So, when you do this kind of subversive model of the so-called service industry on the Internet or mobile Internet, remember that severe vertical O2O is the future.

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