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Since the “Internet Plus” has been promoted as a national development strategy, the slightly ambiguous word “door-to-door service” has also started to flourish. On-site service As the name implies, it means that customers do not need to go to the store for purchases. Businesses directly send the service to the door.


The rise of O2O on-site service


Since last year, the on-site service has been blowout-type, and a series of on-site O2Os such as massages, manicures, cooking, and car washing have entered the market. Why do users need on-site service? The most basic reason is laziness, or "rich, headstrong!" Being too lazy to squeeze cars, too lazy to line up, and not willing to pay for service fees, these factors have given birth to the booming development of on-site services.


O2O Advantages of On-site Service


For users, unlike online shopping, after receiving the goods, sometimes there is a kind of sadness that “the tears that finally know the truth fall”. The benefits of offline consumption are information equivalence. Products are in front of customers, good and bad sites can make judgments, and better meet user needs. For example, to cook at home, if a chef is delicious and makes a good impression, then he can directly look for him again next time. This kind of targeted service will not have big deviations, giving people a sense of pliability.


For businesses, offline services also have a lot of benefits. No matter what kind of sale, it always needs a fixed business place. However, no matter where it is, unless it is your own home, otherwise you have to pay rent, plus the necessary decoration, these expenses are enough for business headaches. The site of on-site service is provided by the user, saving the cost of the site, to reduce the cost of the product to attract users, more in line with the original intention of the business.


The greatest advantage of on-site service lies in its publicity. Each offline service is a promotion, and it is targeted at its own customer groups. Its positioning is extremely accurate and it is a zero-cost promotion! Users can determine life and death business reputation of a certain sense, if businesses can successfully get the user a good impression, coupled with reasonable prices, not big business, why should we worry?


O2O home service door


O2O site service excellent prospects, but "one million marrow will be off the ground," the last laugh businesses, will be stepping on the foot of all the bodies of thousands of losers. In the eyes of users, the price of goods can be high, but the quality must be better. If the quality of the offline service of the merchant is very general and has no characteristics, then it will certainly lead to poor user stickiness and poor reputation, which will gradually lead to death.


High-quality service quality is the lifeblood of door-to-door service. There is no such thing as a user with a lot of stupid money. If the service cannot satisfy the user, the consequences can be imagined.


O2O on-site service needs further improvement


The on-site service needs to be further improved. For example, a domestic worker who has received a job arrives at the appointed place. However, the customer does not need a service. A similar situation requires the merchant to continuously find a solution and improve it.


In the era when the delivery of gas and water meters can be counterfeited, it is indispensable for the service personnel of the company to dress and unify the logo. The sense of security is obtained from the details. Service personnel must also strengthen their own awareness of safety, and no one can determine whether there is a metamorphosis madness behind the knocking door.


O2O on-site service platform choice is the key


Today's on-site service, each service has a separate APP, to experience different projects you need to download different clients, such as the beaver home's APP can only do nail art, then you need home service and have to re-under the house APP, a mobile phone equipped with so many APP, think of all chilling. If all the services can be integrated in one platform, then businesses and users will be more convenient to use, which will also be the key point for O2O on-site service can not be bigger.


The O2O on-site service platform is a well-integrated platform that is well-crafted and well-connected. It focuses on individual users and brings together all businesses in the surrounding industries who can provide on-site services. It will be able to provide a complete solution for this. Program.

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