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Good site: Embrace the scene and win O2O

O2O, O2O, O2O are everywhere, and O2O is everywhere. What is O2O? The two "O"s of O2O refer to Online and Offline respectively. Most people understand that O2O is the interconnection between the line and the line. The two "O"s come from "2". connection. The two "O" are plainly two worlds, one is a virtual one and the other is a reality. What is "2"? The core of the "2" link is the "scene", which is the scene connecting the virtual world and offline real world. The interpretation of scenes in terms of technical terms is the location based services of Location Based Services (LBS). In simple terms, the scenario is what a consumer wants to do and where.


According to the meaning of the scene, we can imagine people's life scenes in the era of mobile internet. For an ordinary citizen, the basic scene that constitutes his life is family life, working in the office, and going out to entertain and relax. According to his life scene, he can subdivide his basic consumer needs, such as family life, housekeeping, maintenance, pets, office work, ordering, entertainment, K songs, tourism, and beauty. This is what the Internet era created for us in the different scenes online and offline links, and we are in the mobile scene life cycle, in different situations in our life circle will produce different needs, which is LBS+O2O The value lies.


The business model of LBS+O2O has been in full swing in various industries. For example, the service industry O2O, the “auntie” housekeeping service personnel engage in cleanliness, “e-bag washing” and washing laundry curtains, “easy maintenance” to repair home appliances, “ "Love chefs" made a big meal at home, "Beaver House" nails and so on. The value of this is to create a scene of people's lives on the Internet and let people consume under the guidance of their needs. The process of purchasing from online to offline experiences reduces the information gap between consumers and services and facilitates people’s lives. Is O2O just to enjoy it online?


Not so! As an O2O on-site service platform built on the Internet, the O2O on-site service platform is not to allow people to stay lazy at home, but to give consumers more time to go out and enjoy life. After people solve the survival needs of the most basic level, their spiritual life and self-pursuit will become higher. Therefore, the experience consumption field will account for a larger proportion in the future consumption field.


In the future, the good site will further grasp the application of consumer life scenarios, penetrate the O2O service into the consumer life scene, and promptly address people's needs.

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