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Good site: why it needs on-site service

The foreign chefs made the scene and ate the Italian feast on birthdays. The villager Zeng Jinjun of Jiangshe County, Tongren City, Guizhou Province, used his father-in-law, 92-year-old, to live and live. He spent 5,000 yuan to buy Italian packages on the Internet. The merchants sent chefs to the village to produce on site.


The foreign chefs made the Italian feast on the spot, not only for elderly people who are inconvenient to travel, but also for foreigners who cook for him specially for foreigners. It is also a profound experience for the elderly to try new things. People living in remote areas have a lot of inconvenience to contact with outside things. The emergence of O2O on-site service provides them with more possibilities to experience new things.


Chengdu, "to a fire," sent pot to the door, sea fishing also provides pot to the door, the food and beverage industry joined the mighty O2O service team. In fact, users are not unfamiliar with on-site service. The on-site service, as the name implies, refers to the service personnel going to the customer's designated location to serve, without requiring the customer to leave. In life, many businesses provide on-site services such as home improvement, electrical appliances, and home economics. Nowadays, there are a series of massages, manicures, cooking, car washing, etc. Why are they so interested in the O2O market? What does O2O bring to your door?


For most users, laziness is the most basic reason for on-site service. If you want to eat hotpots, you can go to the store and the furniture you buy can be completely assembled. However, because of traffic jams, disliking the queue, etc., users Give up your own hands-on opportunities and turn to the embrace of the door-to-door service. The on-site service can also bring technical content services. If you can't do it yourself, you can ask for help from professionals. As long as you are willing to pay for service fees, you don't want to do anything that can be done by others.


The benefit of offline consumption is information equivalence. The service is good or not, and the customer makes a judgment on the spot. There is no sense of anxiety in online shopping. If the user is impressed with a certain service, the next time they can directly find this home, eliminating the confusion of finding businesses again and again.


For businesses, on-site service is also a great advantage. Regardless of the location of the service, you have to create a personalized service atmosphere in addition to the rent of the shop. If the business is not done, this is a thankless task. The site for on-site service is provided by users. The money saved can be used to reduce the cost of products and services and create higher-value services for users. Each offline service is a promotion and promotion, and it is targeted at its own customers. Accurately positioning advertising results is a crude and effective way.


The newly developed O2O on-site service platform developed by Connected Online has effectively provided the most perfect solution for on-site service. It also provides consumers with the most convenient "lazy life" while bringing profits to merchants.

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