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Good site: tear off the "traditional" tag

"After the Yangtze River pushes its waves, it will soon die on the beach!" With the surging waves of the Internet, traditional enterprises have felt a strong sense of crisis. Faced with the Internet, they always have a sense of being abandoned by the times. In the decades since the Internet was born, the Internet has transformed one industry after another. However, there are still many traditional enterprises that are overwhelmed by the waves of the Internet.


The concept of Internet+ makes capital crazy into the O2O field. With the popularization of smart phones and the promotion of Alipay and WeChat payment, mobile payment has also become a habit, which means that the spring of orders for door-to-door services using mobile phones APP has arrived. Once the young people are used to the on-site service, this means that the traditional industry will be affected.


The Internet model is involved in the traditional service industry and is a win-win for service providers and consumers. This model, on the one hand, liberates service personnel, who do not have to rely on storefronts and reduce shop rental expenses. For example, a manicurist can apply for orders according to his needs after he enters the APP without having to stay in the store at any time. On the other hand, customers do not necessarily have to wait in line at the store, but can freely choose the time and place, and at the same time eliminate the large amount of money that the membership card occupies.


At present, O2O services abroad are also extremely popular. Homejoy and Handybook in the housekeeping sector can provide on-demand service cleaners. Washo in the laundry sector can pick up dirty clothes and send them back to you. Bloomthat You spend 90 minutes to send flowers to your favorite sisters. You also have Swifto in the dog field. You can help you find someone to take your family to get out of the party. The iPhone is broken. iCracked sends people to fix you in minutes; the security field also has Bannerman can give you private bodyguards on demand.


The on-site O2O project is mainly based on free personnel. This mode is doomed to be different from other Internet industries. It requires a sufficient number of service personnel and standardized management and training. O2O on-site service is to be developed from the vertical to the platform's pushback route. The O2O on-site service project will increase the SKU horizontally, and it may also increase the service project vertically, thus transforming it into a platform O2O.


Interconnect Online focuses on the big market of mobile Internet enterprise-class applications. Its newly developed O2O on-site service platform is a complete and integrated platform. It focuses on individual users and gathers all the onsite services to provide consumers with services. Convenient consumer experience also brings more orders and profits to merchants.


With the improvement of people's living standards, high-end users will pay more and more attention to privacy and service quality. At present, intensive outbreaks of on-site services will surely become the mainstream of people's lives in the future. O2O platform In addition to resource integration, lowering costs, and eliminating geographical restrictions, practitioners and users can gain more benefits from it. It can be foreseen that the outbreak of O2O will spawn a group of start-up companies. Especially in the era of “home service”, services will no longer rely on physical stores, and O2O will tear off all “traditional” labels and become the future development trend. .

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