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Good site: Make life better

In the past year or two, O2O has shown a spurt outbreak. Since this year's “Internet Plus” was promoted to a national development strategy, e-commerce companies that have been suppressed for more than a decade have been completely liberated.


Home massage, door-to-door reflexology, and door-to-door cosmetology, everything went to the door overnight, and housekeeping service was the first hot-spot service in the on-site service O2O. “Auntie Gang” and “Cloud Home Economics” all completed a round of financing at the end of 2014; Nail's "Beaver House" was devastated and extended out of the US O2O market. It became a hot topic in the recent period; chefs' door-to-door service became another market hot spot, especially during the Spring Festival in the past. The service of “New Year's Eve” provided opportunities for “loving chefs”.


However, there is an on-site pedicure with an APP installed on the door and an APP on the door. With the O2O service, even if they enjoy early discounts, they have to install their APP. However, how many low-frequency service APPs will be retained on the user's mobile phone for a long time? Will not. This kind of classified information website wants to understand more clearly. Therefore, the market and 58 are madly advancing O2O services because they have their own service entrance advantages. Once the O2O services are mature, they only need to open up payment and advertising systems to upgrade their O2O ecosystem. In the end, how do you make O2O's on-site service bigger and easier for businesses and customers?


As a company focused on the mobile Internet enterprise-class market, Interconnect Online has 13 years of experience in enterprise-class market services, and has sufficient insight and judgment on the mobile Internet enterprise-class market, and has accumulated a huge corporate user market. The "Good Site - Your Door-to-Door Service!" launched by the Internet is an O2O on-site service platform centered on individual users and bringing together all on-site service businesses. The types of services include all aspects of life.


The traditional industries under the line can't naturally cope with the competition of online companies under the burden of high rent costs, personnel costs, marketing costs, and expansion costs to the entire country. Keeping up with the pace of online companies is a normal phenomenon, and the traditional industries under the line are greatly reduced. Already an unavoidable trend.


Good site is committed to becoming the largest entrance to O2O's on-site service. Online is responsible for introducing users. Offline “stores” become the export of services. It is used to support logistics. The spring of on-site service seems to be not far away, and our life will change. Better!

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