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Home or O2O will be the main application scenario

In the era of O2O 1.0, the era of group purchase, the problem of consumer information asymmetry was realized. Merchants found consumers and consumers could also favor the stores. With the development of O2O, we have ushered in the 2.0 era of O2O. We are implementing on-site service, which is both on-site service. The main application scenario should be home.


With the saturation of the “shopping experience” market, more and more O2O entrepreneurial projects have turned their attention to “home services”. O2O's 2.0 era is characterized by the above-mentioned door service. Even car washing, catering, barber, beauty, massage, etc., which have to go to the store to experience the past can achieve the door-to-door service. The on-site service is mainly for consumers to “purchase” services according to their own needs, users place orders through mobile terminals, and then provide relevant services around the system to solve the service needs of the user's family housekeeping.


With policy support and capital support, it is an indisputable fact that the O2O project has ushered in explosive growth. The rising high-evaluation and high-financing companies that have emerged in the O2O segment of the service industry segment have inspired entrepreneurs to turn their backs on O2O. The O2O project in the home consumption scenario seems to investors have great commercial prospects.


Although the on-site service has brought many conveniences to the users, for the Chinese people's universal resistance to strangers, a stranger needs to enter the family to carry out services, which inevitably requires repeated screening by consumers. This requires service businesses to have a reputation that consumers trust and a service that will stand the test of time.


In addition, there are many O2O projects in the vertical field. Users have limited mobile desktops and it is impossible to install all O2O service applications. Faced with a variety of service items that are mixed, when users generate certain requirements, they need to spend too much time and energy to choose comparisons, which is contrary to O2O's intention to save users time and effort.


Connected Online focuses on the field of mobile Internet, explores the needs of the market in depth, and looks for solutions. As the leading O2O on-site service platform in China, the good site under the Internet is an integrated O2O door-to-door platform that provides users with comprehensive, platform-based services. It gathers service portals together, allowing users to choose directly from the best service providers without having to frantically make too many random choices. The merchants who have settled in the site have been certified and evaluated to ensure that the customer receives perfect professional services.


At present, although various O2O service scenarios have been in full swing, they are still in their infancy. There is still a lot of room for creativity in O2O, and there is still huge room for growth. The user's spending habits are still being cultivated. However, as O2O services continue to deepen, O2O services that focus on home consumption scenarios must Will become a common practice, proudly Jianghu.

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