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Good site: O2O on-site service will become the mainstream trend in the future

In recent years, O2O can be described as a mess, basically covering all service industries, and it is constantly infiltrating, and even involves people's death, illness, death, food, shelter and transportation.


Group purchase is the most typical O2O project that first emerged. It attracts a large number of users through the Internet and accumulates websites for group purchases so that people can arrange their own trips online before going out. A few years ago, the "Hundred Regiments Offensives" played uncontrollably. Today, 90% of the group-buying websites have already died, leaving only a few giants such as the public commentators and the US group. However, today's group buying is also subject to various challenges. Its platform-centric business philosophy is deadly, and business models that do not focus on businesses and consumers will be greatly hindered.


In the past year, O2O on-site service has become the new battlefield in the O2O field following the “Hundred Regiments Offensive”. It covers almost the entire service industry, involving nail art, cooks, laundry, take-outs, fights, housekeeping, etc., “O2O at home”. Fighting is heating up. In the new round of elimination, where should the home O2O go?


From the current point of view, most O2O projects, such as Nail O2O, Massage O2O, Chef O2O, etc., are mainly self-employed. While ensuring the quality of service, self-operated companies can also better cultivate the good habits of the first batch of users. However, self-supporting involves the issue of company size, and it runs unhappily, and the body weight will also have ceilings. Therefore, self-operated O2O projects are bound to gradually introduce franchisees. After the franchisees reach a certain scale, the service flow is clear, and the service quality is controllable. The company has a good balance between self-operation and franchise, even if it is successful. first step.


At present, O2O projects are mainly based on self-employed people. This model is doomed to be different from other Internet industries. It requires a sufficient number of service personnel and standardized management and training. O2O on-site service is to be developed from the vertical to the platform's pushback route. The O2O on-site service project will increase the SKU horizontally, and it may also increase the service project vertically, thus transforming it into a platform O2O.


Interconnect Online focuses on the field of mobile Internet and is committed to in-depth research and development of O2O on-site service platform. With the emergence of a good site O2O on-site service platform, O2O on-site service will move from today's segmentation to integration platform. Above the good site O2O portal service platform, consumers will find O2O services for all on-site services.


The market for traditional industry service companies is worrying. In the future, the mobile Internet projects will be riddled with blood and the interests will be divided up so that they will only receive orders from the Internet. In the future, most of the business brought by the pedestrian flow of traditional enterprises will be replaced by O2O on-site service. O2O on-site service will become the future trend.

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