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Connected Online: Surprise customers for products and services

In the era of “Internet+”, O2O has become very popular, and O2O comes in a wide variety of ways. The emergence of an endless stream of O2O companies is dazzling. All walks of life moved services from the offline to the online, and then attacked them offline. Onsite O2O has reduced the inaccuracy of information and improved efficiency. For the traditional industry, it is not just a transformation but an optimization and an upgrade.


In the surging tide of mobile Internet, whether it is a startup company or a company transformed with the “Internet +” wings, the most important thing to win is to develop the product use of the company into the “usage habits” of users. It's difficult to say it simply. Because there are too many homogenized products and services, people often don't care about making comparisons. For start-up O2O on-site service, in order to obtain customers and occupy the market, customers can only be used to burn money to cultivate customer habits, rather than considering profitability from the beginning.


For some infrequently used products, if you also want users to use habits, then each time the user uses, you should be able to provide him with an impressive experience and very effective use of feedback. As an O2O on-site service platform that is familiar with customer habits and spending habits, O2O on-site service platform, which is a well-established site under the Internet, has always upheld the service-oriented concept of on-site service. O2O on-site service in the early stage to invest funds to promote at the same time, but also at the same time intentional products and services investment, give customers a surprise before they often patronize, and finally the formation of a habit.


Taking Amazon as an example, their competitive strategy is to make users experience pleasant surprises each time they purchase. When users look for a certain product, they always find the lowest price on the Internet. E-commerce always likes to compete in the market with price wars. It looks stupid and does not seem to be good for themselves. In fact, the purpose of their price war is to give users a feeling of surprise. It is still the first thing that comes to mind when they next shop. Over time, it naturally forms a shopping habit. From the overall O2O user needs, the core is to make the best products and services, using the product to scream the user, so that users are willing to share, willing to spread word of mouth, this is the king.


No matter how popular the promotion, what kind of happy, home O2O is the most important thing is to treat customer needs as a loved one to treat it, the surprising word of mouth can naturally get more attention, so as to be successful.


Connected online is user-centered, with "mobile Internet+" integrated with traditional industries as its core development, bringing about the promotion and upgrading of traditional enterprises, bringing life convenience to users, focusing on quality with the concept of "product is life". It will become the world's leading O2O big data platform in the next three years.

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