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Connected Online: Good Site Helps E-commerce Shift to O2O

As we have seen, the popularity of the mobile Internet has not only created opportunities for transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises, but also brought new rounds of innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities to e-commerce companies. In recent years, the mobile Internet has maintained a rapid development trend and has accelerated its penetration into various sectors of the economy and society. It has accelerated the migration of e-commerce from the traditional PC to the mobile terminal, and a series of innovative services based on O2O have emerged with a mushrooming power. The heat flow is surging.


In the fourth quarter of 2014, the number of active mobile users of Alibaba reached 265 million, the proportion of mobile transactions reached 42%, and the proportion of mobile terminals in Jingdong Mall accounted for 36%. The beauty platform of Jumei Youpin The penetration rate of the mobile terminal has also been as high as 57%. It can be seen that the mobile terminal has become an important source of e-commerce enterprise traffic. On the other hand, the accelerated penetration of the mobile Internet has driven the development of O2O applications in various fields. On the one hand, O2O transformation of traditional service providers is moving toward practice, and traditional department stores such as Intime, Wangfujing and Shangpin Discount have all tested water. On the other hand, O2O innovation and entrepreneurial activities based on community, take-away, automotive, education, medical care, beauty, fresh food, weddings, real estate and other areas are surging, attracting a lot of capital attention.


If there is fierce conflict between online and offline in the era of PC e-commerce, the integration of innovation in the era of mobile e-commerce will become the mainstream of the entire society's transformation and development. From the recent increase in O2O heat, which has only increased firepower, and the continuous availability of door-to-door service to get venture capital, the state of active and adaptive online and offline fusion is evident. In the mobile Internet era, the traffic entrance is diversified, and the entrance layout from online to offline is the focus of competition. Mobile Internet has greatly expanded the user's Internet access application scenario, and this is the key to gaining customers' attention. So for e-commerce, how to transfer existing online customers to offline, or how to expand customer base?


The good site that the Internet introduces on line takes you to feel the rush of O2O “unexplainable”. The good site is based on individual users and gathers the O2O onsite service platform for all onsite service providers. Good site is a mobile internet marketing tool dedicated to O2O on-site service, helping businesses to establish on-site service platforms, moving services from offline to online, and then offensive from online to offline. Through a good site, e-commerce is no longer difficult for O2O innovation.


Mobile e-commerce has become a new growth point in promoting the development of e-commerce. In particular, O2O integration innovation based on offline business has opened up a broader space for the development of e-commerce. All fortunate things are either destined for heaven or one person is struggling to keep sprinting forward, and a good site is a wonderful pusher.

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